Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell

Date of Birth: 18.09.1986
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Kylie Hazel
  2. Dreaming of the Third Page
  3. Winning the Contest
  4. Becoming a Sensation

Biography of Kylie Hazel

Kylie Hazel was born on September 18, 1986 in Bromley, Kent, England, United Kingdom. In her childhood, Kylie hated school and often stayed out late at night, skipping classes the next day. It was only after the police visited her mother that she was forced to study. In the end, Kylie barely passed half of her exams and at the age of 16, she became a hairdresser, although she always considered herself a future top model.

Dreaming of the Third Page

Kylie dreamed of making it to the third page of tabloids like the Daily Star and Sun, where photos of naked girls are usually printed. However, her former drawing teacher told her that she had too small of a bust to be a model on the third page. He also said that models had to be adults. Strangely enough, this wise and experienced person, like her drawing teacher, did not consider that both Kylie and her bust would grow with time and achieve success. The teacher would later be remembered as an old grumbler who didn't believe in her.

Winning the Contest

At 17, Kylie paid for a somewhat decent photoshoot, as the Daily Star had just announced a modeling contest. She sent in her photos and unexpectedly won. However, she couldn't make a living from the modeling business just yet. She was not tall enough for high fashion work (168 cm) and too young for magazine work. Desperate, Kylie even decided to study and in 2004, she went to college to study fashion history and the modeling business. However, after six months, she finally turned eighteen and asked her boyfriend to photograph her for the "Star of the Third Page" contest in the Sun newspaper.

Becoming a Sensation

In December, Kylie won the "Reader's Sympathy Prize," which included £10,000 worth of clothing and an exclusive contract with the Sun. She immediately went to Tobago with photographer Alan Stratton, where they created perhaps the most sensual photos of her to date. After these photos were printed, reprinted, scanned, and posted on thousands of websites and hung on the walls of car repair shops, Kylie became known as one of the sexiest models in the world. She inspired poets, artists, miners, and managers. Sculptor Lee Happel was so inspired that he even cast an impressive bust of Hazel in bronze, with three copies in total. Two adorn the Sun's editorial office, while one spare is kept at Kylie's home.