Kim Daul

Kim Daul

South Korean fashion designer and model.
Date of Birth: 31.05.1989
Country: South Korea

  1. Biography of Kim Daul
  2. Early Success in South Korea
  3. Collaborations with Iconic Designers
  4. Television Appearance and Controversy
  5. Tragic End
  6. A Multifaceted Talent
  7. Battling Inner Demons
  8. A Tragic Loss

Biography of Kim Daul

Kim Daul was a South Korean fashion designer and model. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, and by the age of twenty, she had graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines and worked with some of the world's most renowned fashion designers. However, despite her early success, Kim tragically ended her life at a relatively young age.

Kim Daul

Early Success in South Korea

Kim gained popularity as a model in South Korea, regularly appearing in top fashion magazines such as British Vogue, i-D, and Dazed & Confused. She achieved significant success in her home country, landing covers for prominent local publications like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. In 2007, Kim made her debut on the international fashion stage by participating in Paris Fashion Week.

Kim Daul

Collaborations with Iconic Designers

Renowned fashion designers sought Kim's services regularly, including labels like Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Christopher Kane. She was also chosen as a model for events and campaigns associated with new collections from brands like H&M and GAP. In 2008, her active modeling career earned her the title of "Model of the Year" according to Anan magazine.

Kim Daul

Television Appearance and Controversy

Kim gained further recognition by participating in the South Korean fashion reality show "I am a Model" during its third season. However, in June 2009, controversy arose when she posed nude for i-D magazine, which received mixed reactions from her fellow Koreans. Despite this incident, Kim soon relocated to Paris, France, where she secured modeling work with Next, one of the prominent modeling agencies in the city.

Kim Daul

Tragic End

While in Paris, Kim's modeling career flourished, allowing her to explore numerous opportunities that the fashion capital had to offer. Sadly, in 2009, she took her own life. Prior to her death, Kim had appeared on the cover of Australian Russh magazine and had been featured in advertisements for Topshop, Richard Nicoll, and Chanel.

A Multifaceted Talent

Although Kim was primarily known for her involvement in the fashion industry, she was also a talented artist. She held an exhibition of her artwork in Seoul in August 2007. Kim was an admirer of Klaus Kinski and appreciated various other figures in the global arts scene.

Battling Inner Demons

It became known that Kim had been suffering from depression and general frustration for an extended period. She often expressed her emotions through her artistic works and in her online diary. Her blog entries frequently touched on themes of loneliness and self-harm, although she sometimes dismissed them as mere jokes. In October 2009, during New York Fashion Week, Kim revealed that her depression and exhaustion had reached a new level.

A Tragic Loss

Kim's final blog post, titled "Say Hi to Forever," was accompanied by the song "I Go Deep" by Jim Rivers, which she referred to as the "best track of all time." Her untimely death made her the ninth Korean celebrity to take their own life in 2009.