Larry Carlat

Larry Carlat

Twitter addict
Country: USA

  1. Larry Carlat Biography
  2. Testing the Waters on Twitter
  3. Lost Job and Family
  4. The Responsible Tweeter
  5. Breaking Free from the Twitter Addiction
  6. Telling His Story

Larry Carlat Biography

Larry Carlat, a writer and editor from Brooklyn, publicly admitted to being addicted to Twitter for an extended period of time. This addiction led to him losing his job and eventually his family, but he couldn't stop himself - tweets consumed his every thought. Larry was able to overcome his abnormal passion for posting his thoughts and honestly shared his story with readers.

Testing the Waters on Twitter

"Testing, testing. Is this thing on?" This was the first tweet Larry Carlat ever posted in his life, and little did he know how much this thing would change his life in the near future. This was back in 2008, and within three years, he already had 25,000 followers on Twitter, which was considered quite impressive for an ordinary person. Twitter completely captivated Larry, and soon he was tweeting up to 30 times a day, constantly brainstorming future tweets to make them more original and witty. He would sit in the bathroom during parties, typing away tweets, completely forgetting about books, music, and movies - Twitter not only consumed all his time but also his mind.

Lost Job and Family

Less than a year into his obsession, Larry lost his job in the music industry. However, this didn't frighten him; instead, he rationalized that he would now have more time for Twitter. When he found a new job, he changed his username on the microblogging platform to his initials, hoping to remain unidentified, and continued to tweet non-stop. However, the editor of a men's magazine he worked for eventually confronted him and presented a choice: the job or his Twitter account. Larry chose Twitter. Troubles never come alone, and just a month after losing his job, Larry also ended up divorcing his wife. But even this didn't stop him from his addiction - Larry continued to write, although his tweets became more thematic.

The Responsible Tweeter

Larry took his Twitter writing very seriously, aiming to capture his readers' attention with the originality of his thoughts, sharpness in his jokes, and freshness in his ideas. Readers eagerly responded - reading Larry's tweets was genuinely interesting. However, few knew the sacrifices he made for this online recognition. One day, Larry realized that this couldn't go on forever - his life had gradually and imperceptibly turned into a reflection of his Twitter presence, and it was no longer clear whether he did it because he enjoyed it or simply couldn't do otherwise.

Breaking Free from the Twitter Addiction

Larry Carlat told himself, "STOP!" This, according to his own confession, marked his return to himself. Naturally, he also voiced his desire to quit on Twitter, and his followers pleaded with him not to leave and to continue writing. But Larry had made up his mind, and one day he deleted his account and started living as a free man. As a parting gesture, he recommended his loyal readers to pay attention to his son, who was also "addicted" to Twitter. Larry believed that everyone should make their own choices.

Telling His Story

Later on, Larry Carlat shared his Twitter addiction story in a newspaper, and soon it spread widely across the internet. Larry admitted that now he can peacefully wake up in the morning and have coffee before checking his emails and messages on his iPhone. He also mentioned that he now turns off his phone before going to bed, even before switching off the lights. Remarkably, all of this was not easily achieved for him.