Larry Eyler

Larry Eyler

American serial killer
Date of Birth: 21.12.1952
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Larry Eyler
  2. Early Life
  3. Conviction and Confession
  4. Victims
  5. The Murder of Daniel Bridges
  6. Legal Controversy

Biography of Larry Eyler

Larry Eyler was an American serial killer who was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder and dismemberment of 15-year-old Daniel Bridges. Eyler confessed to killing an additional 21 boys and young men in five different states. He died of AIDS-related complications while awaiting execution in 1994.

Larry Eyler

Early Life

Larry Eyler was born on December 21, 1952, in Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA. He was described by some members of the gay community in Indianapolis as an outwardly attractive but volatile individual who engaged in violence during sexual encounters.

Conviction and Confession

After being charged with murder, Eyler pleaded guilty in exchange for a plea agreement between the prosecution and defense. However, a re-investigation revealed that Eyler was possibly connected to several other murders. In the book 'Freed to Kill,' it was mentioned that Eyler had compiled a list of his victims three years before his death in an attempt to secure a less severe punishment. However, prosecutors did not agree to the deal. Eyler eventually allowed his lawyer to reveal the names of the victims.


Following Eyler's death, his attorneys released the names of 17 individuals who were killed by Eyler himself, as well as four others who were reportedly killed by an unknown accomplice. Eyler's defense attorney, Kathleen Zellner, stated that Eyler had compiled the list of victims years before his death.

The Murder of Daniel Bridges

The dismembered body of 15-year-old Daniel Bridges was discovered in a dumpster near Rogers Park in the northern part of Chicago on August 21, 1984. Eyler was convicted of the teenager's murder in July 1986. At the time of Eyler's death, his appeal was pending in the Illinois Supreme Court.

Legal Controversy

Eyler's defense team argued that one of his attorneys, David Shippers, had used his position for personal gain by accepting $16,875 from prosecution witness Robert David Little. Eyler claimed that Little was the one who killed Bridges. After Eyler's death, Zellner confirmed that she would continue to pursue an appeal to address the legal issues that had arisen.