Larry Harmon

Larry Harmon

American actor, talented comedian.
Date of Birth: 02.01.1925
Country: USA

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  2. The Iconic Bozo
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Biography of Larry Harmon

Larry Harmon, born Lawrence Weiss on January 2, 1925, in Toledo, Ohio, was an exceptional American actor and talented comedian. Growing up in Cleveland, he served in the army during World War II before attending the University of Southern California to study theater arts upon his return. Harmon acquired the rights to the popular clown character Bozo at Jayark Films Corporation in 1956. By the late 1960s, Larry Harmon had gained fame not only on American television but also in countries around the world, including Thailand, Greece, and Brazil.

Larry Harmon

The Iconic Bozo

Larry Harmon was considered one of the best portrayals of Bozo. In 1959, Jayark Films Corporation released a series of animated films in which Harmon provided the voice for Bozo. In 1965, he became the sole owner of the Bozo character, buying out his partners' licensing rights. Harmon's appearance as Bozo during a New Year's performance in Pasadena, California in 1996 caused an uproar of excitement from fans. His talent as a comedian and his portrayal of Bozo had left an enduring impression on audiences.

Other Talents and Personal Life

Aside from his iconic role as Bozo, Larry Harmon was also a versatile entertainer. In the 1950s, he created the television project General Universe and later authored Commander Comet, among other projects. Harmon was admired and loved during his time, with countless fans appreciating his talents. He was married four times and had four children. Larry Harmon passed away on July 3, 2008, at his home in Los Angeles, California, due to heart failure. He was laid to rest at Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery.