Ludwig Merckle

Ludwig Merckle

German businessman, industrialist
Date of Birth: 08.06.1965
Country: Germany

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  2. Education and Career
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Biography of Ludwig Merkle

Ludwig Merkle is a German businessman, billionaire, and the owner of the 'Merckle Group' company, which he inherited from his father, the renowned German industrialist Adolf Merckle. Ludwig Merkle was born in 1965 in the German city of Ulm, Germany.

Education and Career

In 1997, Ludwig completed his education at the University of Mannheim, where he studied business and information technology. Afterward, he joined the family business and officially became his father's successor in the 'Merckle Group' company. He began his career in the management of 'Ratiopharm,' where he remained until 2008.

During his time at 'Ratiopharm,' the company faced a downturn due to the crisis, and Ludwig was replaced by Oliver Windholz. In 2009, Adolf Merckle passed away, and the entire company transitioned to Ludwig. He had to overcome various challenges and even restructure his father's creation. As part of this process, 'Ratiopharm' was sold.

Subsequently, the financial performance of the 'Merckle Group' improved, and it regained its financial strength. Currently, at the age of 48, Ludwig Merkle has a net worth of $7.1 billion and holds the 162nd position on Forbes' list of global billionaires and the 13th position on the list of German wealthy individuals.

Personal Life and Positions

Ludwig Merkle is married to Ursula Merkle, and they have two children. He resides in Germany. In addition to his ownership of the 'Merckle Group,' Ludwig holds several positions. He is the chairman of 'Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG' and 'Wurttembergische AG,' as well as a board member and chairman of the board of directors of 'Heidelberg Cement AG.' He also serves as the deputy chairman of 'Phoenix Pharma AG & KG' and a board member of 'Zollern GmbH und Co.'