Lui Feyad

Lui Feyad

French director, screenwriter and producer
Date of Birth: 19.02.1873
Country: France

  1. Biography of Louis Feuillade
  2. Early Career
  3. Major Works
  4. Filmography
  5. Here is a list of some of Louis Feuillade's notable films:

Biography of Louis Feuillade

Louis Feuillade (1874-1925) was a French director, screenwriter, and producer. He was born in 1874 in Lunel, France. Feuillade began his career as a journalist for the newspaper "La Croix" before becoming a screenwriter. In 1906, he started working as a director for Gaumont.

Early Career

From 1911 to 1913, Feuillade directed a series of films called "Life as It Is," which included movies like "Good People," "The Fate of Mothers," and "The Bridge over the Abyss." In 1913 and 1914, he made a series of five films about the character Fantômas.

Major Works

During the years 1915-1916, Feuillade directed a 10-episode film called "Les Vampires." He also made films such as "Judex" and its sequel, "The New Mission of Judex," each consisting of over 10 episodes. Other notable works include the 12-episode films "Tih Minh," "Barrabas," "Two Girls," "The Orphan," and "Parizetta." His film "The Pirate's Son" had two series with 12 episodes each. He also directed the 5-episode "Vendetta" and the 6-episode "Stigma."


Here is a list of some of Louis Feuillade's notable films:

  • 1907 - "Automobile Accident"
  • 1907 - "The Magnetized Man"
  • 1909 - "The Adventures of Captain Hatteras"
  • 1912 - "Christians Thrown to the Lions"
  • 1911-1913 - "Life as It Is" series: "Good People," "The Fate of Mothers," "The Bridge over the Abyss"
  • 1913-1914 - "Fantômas" series: "Fantômas," "Fantômas vs. Juve," "The Dead Man Who Kills," "Fantômas vs. Fantômas," "The False Magistrate"
  • 1913-1917 - "Scenes from the Forgotten Life" series
  • 1915 - "Les Vampires"
  • 1916-1917 - "Judex" series
  • 1916-1917 - "The New Mission of Judex" series
  • 1918 - "Tih Minh"
  • 1919 - "Barrabas"
  • 1920 - "Two Girls"
  • 1921 - "The Orphan"
  • 1921 - "Children of Paris"
  • 1921 - "Parizetta"
  • 1922 - "The Pirate's Son"
  • 1923 - "Vendetta"