Luisa Valenzuela

Luisa Valenzuela

Argentine writer.
Date of Birth: 26.11.1938
Country: Argentina

Biography of Luisa Valenzuela

Luisa Valenzuela is an Argentine writer born in Buenos Aires. Her father was a doctor and her mother, Luisa Mercedes Levinson, was a writer and co-author of Jorge Luis Borges. From a young age, Valenzuela had a keen interest in the natural sciences, but ultimately chose literature as her path.

At the age of seventeen, Valenzuela began publishing her works in Argentine magazines. At twenty, she moved to Paris with her husband and became close to the Tel Quel group. In 1961, she returned to her homeland and worked as a journalist while traveling extensively.

In 1969, Valenzuela received a Fulbright scholarship and worked at the University of Iowa. From 1972 to 1974, she lived in Mexico City, Paris, and Barcelona. However, after the establishment of military dictatorship and censorship interfering with her creative work (her published novel "Como en la guerra" from 1977 faced demands to remove a torture scene), she decided to move to the United States in 1979, where she lived for ten years. During this time, she published several books and taught at various universities.

In 1989, Valenzuela returned to Argentina and settled in Buenos Aires. She continues to collaborate with the press, give lectures on literature, and travel. Valenzuela has been honored with several national and international awards, and her works have been translated into Japanese and most European languages.

In November 2008, an International Symposium dedicated to Valenzuela's literary works took place at the University of Vienna.