Marcus Korte

Marcus Korte

Export Director 'Paulaner'
Country: Germany

  1. Markus Korte: Director of Export at Paulaner
  2. Paulaner - A Participant in the Oktoberfest

Markus Korte: Director of Export at Paulaner

Paulaner - A Participant in the Oktoberfest

Marcus Korte, the Director of Export at Paulaner, a German brewery, reveals the unique advantage that his company possesses as one of the six permanent participants in the world's largest beer festival, Oktoberfest. Paulaner collaborates with Hacker-Pschorr, one of the teams in the Paulaner Group. This collaboration allows two Paulaner tents to operate at the festival, which is an advantage not enjoyed by other participants. However, the tents themselves do not belong to Paulaner. The tent that appears at the festival only for its duration is a separate enterprise that Paulaner supplies with beer. During the winter, all the tents are dismantled. The city authorities are involved in determining the chief brewer and tent manager.
The Financial Aspect of Oktoberfest

Korte admits that from a financial point of view, participating in Oktoberfest is not highly profitable. Organizing the festival incurs considerable costs that are hardly covered by the festival's revenue. Moreover, around 2,500 seats are provided to guests and partners from abroad. Nevertheless, the festival itself is a good investment in export programs and serves as excellent advertising not only for Paulaner but also for the city of Munich. The income comes not only from beer sales but also from the influx of tourists who stay in hotels. The city's treasury significantly benefits during Oktoberfest.
The Paulaner Beer for the Festival

For the beer festival, Paulaner imports relatively strong beer, about 6 degrees, in May-June. Usually, the name is chosen to correspond to the festival itself, so in this case, it is "Paulaner Oktoberfest." This year, the authorities made concessions by not regulating smoking in the tents. Monitoring each tent, where around 8,000 people gather, is a challenging task. However, the questions regarding safety will be discussed more rigorously next autumn. Russia, where Paulaner beer is one of the most beloved German brands, also celebrates the Oktoberfest beer festival. Korte praises the Russian consumers, noting their excellent understanding of Bavarian beer compared to Americans. He is pleased that Russians, who know how to have fun and be generous, appreciate unfiltered beer, while others sometimes mistake it for spoiled and sour.
Paulaner Brewery in Russia

Since 2004, Paulaner has successfully brewed its beer at its own establishment in St. Petersburg. Currently, Paulaner is considering the idea of opening its own restaurant in the Russian capital, where, of course, Oktoberfest will be held if the decision is positive.