Marianne Butler

Marianne Butler

London-based commercial lawyer
Country: Great Britain

  1. Marianne Butler: London Lawyer and Breast Cancer Survivor
  2. A Battle with Breast Cancer
  3. Triumph over Adversity
  4. Pioneering Treatment
  5. Advancements in Cancer Research
  6. A Hopeful Future
  7. A Cycling Challenge for a Cause
  8. Conclusion

Marianne Butler: London Lawyer and Breast Cancer Survivor

London lawyer Marianne Butler is known for her expertise in trade law and her witty sense of humor. She gained recognition after winning second place in a humorous survey that identified the hottest ladies among London lawyers. Marianne jokingly says, "Number one went to Clooney, and number two went to breast cancer." Little did she know that her joke would soon become a reality.

Marianne Butler

A Battle with Breast Cancer

Just a month after the survey, Marianne was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. The news came as a shock, but Marianne faced it with her signature humor. She began her treatment at the Royal Marsden Hospital, a leading cancer treatment center in London, where she underwent chemotherapy and an experimental treatment combining unique medications.

Marianne Butler

Triumph over Adversity

Marianne's treatment proved to be successful, and she soon returned to work at Fountain Court Chambers. Her journey to recovery was not easy, but Marianne's positive outlook and the support of her husband, Tony Butler, and brother, Julian Post, kept her going. They, along with Professor Ian Smith from the Royal Marsden Hospital and thirty other friends, are now preparing to participate in a charity cycling event to raise £100,000. The funds will support Professor Smith's ongoing research.

Pioneering Treatment

Marianne's treatment included the use of pertuzumab and Herceptin, medications previously used in combination only in the United States. These drugs help inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent their interaction with other cells in the body. Professor Smith's innovative approach, which involved using pertuzumab as an initial step, proved to be a game-changer in Marianne's battle against breast cancer.

Advancements in Cancer Research

Thanks to Professor Smith's efforts, Marianne became the first patient in the Royal Marsden Hospital, and possibly in all of the United Kingdom, to receive the combination therapy of Herceptin and pertuzumab for breast cancer. She continues to take both medications to prevent any potential recurrences, and doctors closely monitor her for any side effects.

A Hopeful Future

Currently, London doctors are testing a new drug based on monoclonal antibodies. The goal is to specifically target cancer cells during chemotherapy, minimizing the unpleasant side effects experienced by patients. If successful, this new approach could revolutionize cancer treatment.

A Cycling Challenge for a Cause

Marianne's husband, Tony Butler, and her brother, Julian Post, are participating in a charity cycling event from September 10th to 14th. They hope to raise funds to support further research and help other women battling breast cancer.


Marianne Butler's journey as a London lawyer and breast cancer survivor showcases her resilience and determination. Her sense of humor and the support of her loved ones have been instrumental in her fight against cancer. Thanks to her successful treatment and the advancements made by researchers like Professor Ian Smith, Marianne is now back to work and actively involved in raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research.