Mary West

Mary West

Vice Chairman of the Board of West Telemarketing
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Mary West
  2. Founding of West Telemarketing
  3. Success and Mergers
  4. Current Endeavors

Biography of Mary West

Mary West is a prominent figure in the American business world, holding the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of West Telemarketing. She has rightfully earned her place among the billionaires of the planet and has been featured on Forbes' lists. In 2007, Mary was recognized as one of the top 100 most influential women in American business.

Founding of West Telemarketing

In 1978, Mary and her husband Gary established WATS Marketing, a telecommunications company. Although the company operated successfully, the couple wanted to expand further. In January 1986, they founded West Telemarketing in Nebraska, which eventually grew into one of the largest telemarketing firms in the country.

On September 22, 1986, West Telemarketing processed its first call using new telemarketing methods while committing to enhanced customer service. In July 1987, the company welcomed additional experienced leaders, which greatly facilitated its operations and growth. As the government imposed restrictions on cold calling, the company shifted its focus to computerized secretarial services. Later, the organization ventured into teleconferencing services.

Success and Mergers

Due to its increasing popularity, West Telemarketing achieved impressive sales of $1.9 billion by 1996. Ten years later, the company merged with Thomas H. Lee Partners and Quadrangle Group. As a result, Mary West and her husband became owners of $1.6 billion and gained a 20% stake in the merged firms.

Current Endeavors

Presently, Mary West and her husband Gary continue to work tirelessly in their own business endeavors. Gary serves as the Chairman of the Board and Director of West Telemarketing, while Mary takes on the role of Vice Chairman of the Board and also works as the Secretary and Director of the organization.

Aside from their business pursuits, Mary and Gary West are avid horse racing enthusiasts. They purchased their first horses in 1980 and have been actively participating in various competitions ever since. Their horses, known for their exceptional lineage and abilities, have consistently achieved victory and continue to secure top positions in prestigious racing events.