Michael (Nick) Nichols

Michael (Nick) Nichols

American photographer
Country: USA

  1. Michael (Nick) Nichols: A Biography
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Professional Career
  4. LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph
  5. Personal Life

Michael (Nick) Nichols: A Biography

Michael (Nick) Nichols is an American photographer renowned for his wildlife photography and his work as a photographer and editor for 'National Geographic' magazine. He has traveled to the most remote corners of the world, driven not only by his camera work but also by his dedication to conservation. Alongside his colleagues, Nichols has created several national parks in Africa and reserves for chimpanzees.

Michael (Nick) Nichols

Early Life and Education

Michael Nichols was born in 1952 in Alabama. He developed an interest in photography while serving in the army in the early 1970s. Later, he pursued formal education in photography at the University of North Alabama, where he met his future mentor, photographer Charles Moore.

Michael (Nick) Nichols

Professional Career

In 1996, Nichols became a staff photographer for 'National Geographic' magazine, and in 2008, he was appointed as the editor. Prior to joining 'National Geographic,' he worked at the renowned agency 'Magnum Photos' from 1982 to 1995. Nichols has created 25 remarkable photo essays for 'National Geographic,' with one of his most famous being 'The Short Happy Life of the Serengeti Lion' in 2013.

Michael (Nick) Nichols

Nichols' photographs have appeared in various publications, including 'Paris Match,' which once referred to him as 'The Indiana Jones of Photography.' His work has also been featured in 'Rolling Stone,' 'Life,' 'Aperture,' 'American Photographer,' and many others.

LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

Michael Nichols is the founder of the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, VA. This three-day celebration of the world, love, and photography features exhibitions, interviews with photographers and artists, and an interactive gallery where all guests and participants can share their photographs. The festival has become a platform for photographers and artists to showcase their work and engage with a wider audience.

Personal Life

Michael Nichols resides in Sugar Hollow, Virginia, with his wife, artist Reba Peck.