Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg

Hollywood actress.
Date of Birth: 11.10.1985
Country: USA

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Biography of Michelle Trachtenberg

Early Life

Michelle Trachtenberg is a Hollywood actress who became a star at the age of three, thanks to her photogenic appearance and the advertising business. Over time, Michelle made her way into the world of film and gained the status of a Hollywood star. The stunning actress became famous for her roles in films and TV shows such as "All My Children," "Migo," "Harriet the Spy," "EuroTrip," and others.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle was born on October 11, 1985, in New York, to immigrant parents. Her father was from Germany, and her mother was from the Soviet Union (she lived in Odessa). Her Russian and Jewish roots had a strong influence on her. Michelle learned to speak Russian fluently and enjoys celebrating not only Christmas but also Hanukkah. She is the younger child in the family, with her sister Irene being seven years older. Michelle's father worked for a fiber optics company, while her mother was a bank manager. However, even before moving to the United States, her mother performed in a puppet theater, so the love for the stage was passed down to Michelle.

Michelle Trachtenberg


Michelle's childhood was spent in Brooklyn, where she attended "Ps 99 Isaac Asimov" elementary school and then "The Bay Academy for the Arts and Sciences" middle school. After her father stayed in New York and her mother moved with the children to Los Angeles, Michelle continued her education at "Notre Dame High School." She studied social sciences and religion and graduated with honors.

Michelle Trachtenberg

From a young age, Trachtenberg impressed those around her with her bright appearance, so she was often invited to participate in advertisements. Her earnings as a child model were a good support for the family budget. Michelle also studied ballet, which indicated her love for art and the stage.

Michelle Trachtenberg


Michelle Trachtenberg began her film career as a child. Her first project was the police series "Law & Order" (1991), in which she played the role of Dina Driscoll. This was followed by roles in the series "Clarissa Explains It All" (1993) starring Melissa Joan Hart, "All My Children" (1993-1996) in which Sarah Michelle Gellar also appeared, and "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" (1994-1996) with Michael C. Maronna in the lead role. In 1996, Michelle starred in Bronwen Hughes' tragicomedy "Harriet the Spy," where she played the main character. That same year, she appeared in three other projects: the series "Dave's World" and "Space Cases," as well as the romantic film "Christmas in My Hometown." Michelle's popularity and demand as an actress demonstrated her talent and popularity among viewers.

Michelle Trachtenberg

In 1997, Trachtenberg appeared in the sci-fi TV series "Meego." She won the award for Best Young Actress for her role as Maggie Parker. The following year, Michelle starred in the comedy "Richie Rich's Christmas Wish" and in the action-adventure film "Inspector Gadget" alongside Rupert Everett and Matthew Broderick. With each project, the young actress gained more experience and had the opportunity to work with renowned directors and colleagues in the industry.

Michelle Trachtenberg

One of the best projects in which Michelle participated was the series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (2000-2003). Director Joss Whedon chose Trachtenberg for the role of Dawn Summers, the annoying younger sister of the main character played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. The girls became close friends both on set and in real life. Another successful film in which she appeared was the comedy "EuroTrip" (2004). Alongside Scott Mechlowicz, Jessica Boehrs, Jacob Pitts, and Travis Wester, the film tells the story of a group of friends traveling through Europe in search of a girl named Mieke. The film was highly popular among young audiences.

Michelle Trachtenberg

In 2008, Michelle Trachtenberg starred in the hit series "Gossip Girl" as Georgina Sparks. Her co-stars on the show included Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, and Taylor Momsen. In 2009, she appeared in the light American comedy "17 Again." The following year, Michelle played a role in the action-comedy "Cop Out," alongside Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. She also starred in the comedy "Take Me Home Tonight" (2011), the series "Weeds" (2011), and the historical drama "Killing Kennedy" (2013). In 2014, the talented actress played one of the main characters in the thriller "The Scribbler" and was invited to participate in the TV series "Sleepy Hollow."

Michelle Trachtenberg

Other Ventures

In addition to acting in film and commercials, Trachtenberg has also worked as a host. From 2001 to 2003, she hosted the TV show "Truth or Scare," which focused on paranormal phenomena. In 2007, she appeared in the music video for the pop-rock band Fall Out Boy's song "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race." In March 2011, Michelle became a cover girl for the men's magazine "Maxim."

Current Status

In 2015, Michelle Trachtenberg played the lead role in the romance film "A Christmas Gift." The story follows a journalist who discovers someone who gave her a special gift many years ago while searching for suitable material about Christmas.

In the same year, she also lent her voice to a character in the animated comedy series "SuperMansion," which has had two seasons so far. The show revolves around elderly superheroes, including Titanium Rex and his team, the "League of Freedom."

In 2016, Trachtenberg appeared in the drama "Sister Cities," directed by Sean Hanish. The film tells the story of four sisters who experience the tragedy of their mother's death. In this project, Michelle played one of the sisters, alongside Jackie Weaver, Kaia Gerber, and others.

Currently, Michelle appears in films less frequently, but it is likely just a temporary break, and fans of the talented actress will still be able to enjoy her brilliant performances.

Personal Life

Michelle Trachtenberg has often given journalists reasons to talk about her personal life. She has had many short-lived romances, earning a reputation as an unsteady girlfriend. Michelle has dated singer Robbie Williams, DJ Adam Goldstein, and vocalist Pete Wentz.

Trachtenberg dated Pete Wentz both before and after his marriage to Ashley Simpson, which led to a rivalry between Michelle and Ashley. They exchanged insults about each other in the media.

She was also in a relationship with Canadian actor Shawn Ashmore for two years, starting in 2004. However, the couple broke up after two years.

Today, Trachtenberg tries not to publicize her personal life and has even stopped dating famous men. Her most recent partner was a businessman, but she does not disclose details about their relationship. She has not married or had children.

Tabloids often spread rumors about Michelle Trachtenberg. When she was filming "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," there were reports that she had a child at a young age.

Among her bad habits, Trachtenberg is known for her smoking habit. Paparazzi have often caught her with a cigarette in hand. She also has a pet dog, which she regularly takes for walks.


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- 2004: "Dead Man's Curve"
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- 2005: "Ice Princess"
- 2009: "17 Again"
- 2011: "Take Me Home Tonight"
- 2008-2012: "Gossip Girl"
- 2013: "Killing Kennedy"
- 2013: "Sexy Evil Genius"
- 2015: "SuperMansion"
- 2015: "A Christmas Gift"
- 2016: "Sister Cities"