Mykal Cushnie

Mykal Cushnie

Jamaican film director, film producer and editor
Date of Birth: 28.12.1980
Country: Jamaica

  1. Biography of Michael Cushnie
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Early Career
  4. DSE Media
  5. Career Highlights
  6. Collaborations and Recognition
  7. Music Videos

Biography of Michael Cushnie

Early Life and Education

Michael Cushnie was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and was the youngest of three children. He was born at The University of the West Indies Hospital. Cushnie began his education at the University of Technology, Jamaica. However, he eventually decided to drop out of university.

Early Career

After leaving university, Cushnie started working as an intern at 'Hype TV', a Jamaican cable television station. It was here that he first explored his skills as an editor, director, and cameraman. Cushnie was particularly drawn to editing and initially focused on creating music videos for local artists. He later pursued further education at The New York Film Academy.

DSE Media

In 2007, Cushnie briefly returned to 'Hype TV' before eventually establishing his own company, 'DSE Media'. Today, 'DSE Media' is considered one of the industry leaders, specializing in advertising videos, music videos, reality shows, short films, and documentaries. One of the company's subsidiaries is 'Edward Cushnie Films', which aims to train and prepare young filmmakers.

Career Highlights

In 2007, Cushnie had the opportunity to work on two Jamaican film projects. He served as a cinematographer for Storm Saulter's film 'Betta Mus Come' and as an assistant director for 'The Candy Shop'. While television was one of his main interests, Cushnie also had a passion for storytelling. This led to the creation of the series 'College Lifestyle' in collaboration with 'College Lifestyle Magazine'. The success of this series led to the opportunity to work on a new reality show called 'Passport 246' featuring Barbadian model Marville.

Collaborations and Recognition

Cushnie's career flourished through collaborations with Mark Kenny, a Jamaican producer of Irish descent. In 2009, Cushnie was appointed as the director of the documentary project 'Combing through the Roots: Politics of black hair in Jamaica'. Additionally, he worked on the documentary film 'W.A.R. stories' alongside filmmaker Dr. Claimont Chung, which explored the life and creative journey of activist Walter Rodney.

Music Videos

Cushnie continued to produce music videos, working with renowned local reggae artists such as Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, Etana, Sean Paul, Tami Chynn, and Floyd West. Some of his most successful music videos include 'Tic Toc' by Ras Kassa and 'The Matrimoney Movie' featuring various local musicians.