Nathan Hedge

Nathan Hedge

Australian professional surfer
Date of Birth: 28.05.1979
Country: Australia

  1. Biography of Nathan Hedge
  2. Rising Star in Narrabeen
  3. Joining 'Rip Curl'
  4. Success in the World Tour
  5. Challenges and Recognition
  6. Sharing His Expertise

Biography of Nathan Hedge

Nathan Hedge, known by his unique nickname 'The Hog', was born on May 28, 1979, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He grew up in Caloundra, where he first stood on a surfboard and discovered his passion for surfing.

Nathan Hedge

Rising Star in Narrabeen

Hedge gained recognition as one of the leading surfers in the Narrabeen area, located on the northern beaches of Sydney. His powerful and precise style of surfing, coupled with his trademark determination, set him apart from others in the field.

Nathan Hedge

Joining 'Rip Curl'

Recognizing his talent, Hedge caught the attention of the renowned surfing giant, 'Rip Curl'. He became a part of their team of surfers and had the opportunity to experience some of the world's best waves through their campaign, 'The Search'. This allowed him to surf alongside some of the greatest surfers in the world.

Success in the World Tour

In 2001, Hedge qualified to participate in the World Tour of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP). He quickly established himself as an unofficial representative of Australian surfers, earning both respect and criticism for his outspokenness, persistence, and honesty. By 2004-2005, Hedge solidified his position as one of the top ten surfers in the world. He achieved second place twice in 2004, at Teahupoo and J'Bay, and reached the quarterfinals in 2005. However, a shoulder injury slightly hindered his performance at the competitions in Tahiti and Hawaii in 2004.

Challenges and Recognition

Following disappointing results in 2006, Hedge was demoted from the World Tour and had to compete in the World Qualifying Series (WQS). The only silver lining of the 2006 season was receiving the 'Best Tube Ride' award from Surfer magazine. Although he had similar underwhelming results in 2007 and 2008, with the exception of a victory at the O'Neill Cold Water Classic in Thurso, Scotland, Hedge is still regarded as one of the top 45 surfers in the world.

Sharing His Expertise

Hedge has also been involved in several surfing documentaries, showcasing his skills and passion for the sport. Currently, he spends a significant amount of time in Gold Coast, Queensland, where he shares his professional knowledge with those who aspire to try "real surfing" alongside a true surfer.