Neshka Robeva

Neshka Robeva

Famous Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics coach and choreographer.
Date of Birth: 26.05.1946
Country: Bulgaria

Neshka Robeva: Famous Bulgarian Gymnastics Coach and Choreographer

Neshka Robeva is a renowned Bulgarian coach in artistic gymnastics and choreography. She began her journey in artistic gymnastics at a very late age after being noticed by Juliet Shishmanova when she was 20 years old. Prior to that, Neshka had completed her studies at the National Ballet School in Sofia, specializing in "folk dance." Within a year of entering the gymnastics hall, she made her debut performance at the World Championships in Copenhagen, finishing in 13th place. From then on, she became a member of the Bulgarian national team in artistic gymnastics until 1973. Neshka participated in four World Championships (1967, 1969, 1971, 1973), always showcasing a dynamic style throughout her career and incorporating folklore elements into her routines. A typical example is her "Kazachok" routine with a skipping rope.

The constant competition with the reigning champion of that time, Maria Gigova, had a significant influence on Neshka Robeva's career as a gymnast and, more importantly, as a coach. Being consistently second, Robeva was able to analyze the reasons for her defeats and strive for victory with even greater determination. What she couldn't achieve as a gymnast, she successfully accomplished as a coach.

After graduating from the Sports Institute (now the National Sports Academy) in 1974, she left her club CSKA (Sofia) and joined "Spartak-Levski" as a coach. In the same year, she was appointed head coach of the Bulgarian national team in artistic gymnastics, marking the beginning of a "new wave of artistic gymnastics." Robeva's students continued to amaze judges and audiences with new ideas, technical abilities, and choreography, all while possessing great personal charisma. Some notable students include Iliana Raeva, Liliya Ignatova, Aneliya Ralenkova, Dilyana Georgieva, Byanka Panova, Maria Koleva, and Maria Petrova. Her knowledge of dance and folklore, combined with her experience as an athlete and coach, always produced remarkable results.

Neshka Robeva remained the head coach of the national team until 1999 and was a member of the European Gymnastics Committee from 1993 to 1997. Currently, she serves as the president of the "Levski" artistic gymnastics club. Despite criticism for her strict approach to the training regime and discipline of the athletes, Robeva's students won a total of 294 medals, including 7 world championships and 10 European championships, during her nearly 25-year coaching career.

In 2000, Robeva established a troupe called "National Art" consisting of 35 young boys and girls. The repertoire of the troupe showcases a contemporary interpretation of Bulgarian and Balkan folklore.