Nikola Grbic

Nikola Grbic

Yugoslav and Serbian volleyball player
Date of Birth: 06.09.1973
Country: Serbia

  1. Nikola Grbic - Yugoslavian and Serbian volleyball player and coach
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. International Career
  4. Later Career and Achievements

Nikola Grbic - Yugoslavian and Serbian volleyball player and coach

Nikola Grbic is a former Yugoslavian and Serbian volleyball player and coach. He was a member of the national teams of SFR Yugoslavia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Serbia. Grbic achieved great success in his career, including winning the gold medal at the XXVII Olympic Games in Sydney.

Early Life and Career

Nikola Grbic was born into a volleyball family. His father, Milos Grbic, was a bronze medalist at the 1975 European Championship, and his older brother, Vladimir, also played for the national teams of Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. Grbic started playing volleyball in Zrenjanin, Serbia. He initially played for the local teams "Banat" and "Vojvodina". In 1994, he began his career in Italian clubs, playing for "Sisley" and "Trentino". Grbic won the Champions League twice with these teams. He also had successful seasons with "Cuneo", winning three cup tournaments in the late 1990s. In the 2009/10 season, he became the champion of Italy (scudetto) and won the CEV Cup with a team from Piedmont.

International Career

Grbic made his debut in the Yugoslavian national team in 1991. He played continuously for the Balkan team from 1995 to 2008 and served as its captain from 2000. Throughout his international career, Grbic won a total of 18 medals in various international competitions. He won the bronze medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and the gold medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. He also won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships and gold, silver, and four bronze medals at the European Championships. Grbic was named the Best Setter of the European Championships four times.

Later Career and Achievements

After the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Grbic initially announced his retirement from the Serbian national team. However, he changed his decision in March 2009 and decided to help the team in the World League, which was scheduled to take place in the "Belgrade Arena". The decisive match of the World League against Brazil, in which Grbic played his last game for the national team in front of his fans, attracted a record-breaking audience of 22,680 spectators.

Grbic continued to play for the national team at the European Championship in Turkey and the World Championship in Italy. He not only won a bronze medal at the World Championship but also received the award for the best setter of the tournament. Grbic played a crucial role in the success of the Serbian national team, leading the team both on and off the court as a true leader. He took charge during timeouts, sometimes even speaking instead of the head coach Igor Kolakovic. In the third set of the decisive match against Russia, he single-handedly scored five points - three in attack and two on blocks.

Nikola Grbic is considered one of the greatest Serbian volleyball players and has made a significant contribution to the sport both as a player and as a coach.