Omry Balely

Omry Balely

Israeli wrestler
Country: Israel

Biography of Omri Balali

Omri Balali, a young but already quite popular wrestler in Israel, made his debut on November 16, 2004, at the IPWA Kosher Clash show in a match against Bar Peled, who emerged victorious. The match showcased Omri's high technical skill and earned him the support of fans. His next match took place on April 28 of the following year at the IPWA Passover Bash show, where Omri faced a new opponent, Lider, who appeared wearing a Putin t-shirt and was known as "Russian Sickle" Evgeny Lider. Omri lost this match after interference from Bar Peled. The feud between Omri and Bar was supposed to end at the next show, which would change Omri's life forever.

On November 17, 2005, at the IPWA 5th Dimension Catch show, in the first match of the event, Omri once again faced Bar and emerged victorious. The show declared that the winners of the matches would have a chance to enter the main event and compete for the IPWA championship title. It was Omri's name that was chosen, and he joined a three-way match between champion Gary Roif, Hawaii Allen, and Sharon Palti. In an incredible four-way match, where Sharon was eliminated first and then Allen, Omri managed to defeat Gary Roif and became the IPWA heavyweight champion.

His first title defense took place on January 10, 2006, at the IPWA WrestleNovella show. The challenger for the title was announced as Evgeny Lider, who initially managed to hold Omri down and become the champion. However, IPWA matchmaker Oded Sela declared that Omri's legs were in the ropes during the pinfall, and the victory did not count, so the match restarted. On the second attempt, Omri successfully executed the Flying Headbutt on Lider and defended his title. At the IPWA Holy Land Havoc show on February 28, Omri defended his title against Hawaii Allen. Many consider this match to be one of the best in IPWA history (unfortunately, I did not see the match). In this match, Allen defeated Omri and took away his title. After the match, the opponents shook hands and hugged, but then Gary Roif and Sharon Palti appeared and began to beat them. Jumping Lee soon arrived to help Omri and Allen, but he instead joined in beating them. This led to the formation of a faction called "The Oligarchs."

On March 28, at the IPWA Election Day Anarchy show, Omri faced one of "The Oligarchs" - Jumping Lee. The match was at the highest level, with many incredible moves from both participants. However, Lee's strength and experience prevailed, and Omri lost this match. After the match, Jumping Lee continued to attack Omri and even hit him with a chair. Official personnel then carried Omri backstage. On April 20, IPWA will hold the Passover Bash show, which will feature a royal battle, and the winner will earn the right to challenge the IPWA champion in a title match. Omri is announced as one of the participants.