Pakkirappa Hunagundi

Pakkirappa Hunagundi

Indian man who eats stones and bricks
Country: India

  1. The Indian Man Who Eats Bricks and Stones
  2. A Battle Within
  3. Curiosity and Disbelief
  4. Unusually Healthy Teeth
  5. A Friend's Concern
  6. A Hope for Wealth

The Indian Man Who Eats Bricks and Stones

Pakkirappa Hunagundi, a 35-year-old Indian man, has been eating bricks, dried mud, and stones for the past two decades. This peculiar habit stems from a condition known as Pica, a eating disorder characterized by the consumption of non-nutritive substances. Although more commonly seen in young children, Pica can also affect adults of both genders.

Pakkirappa Hunagundi

A Battle Within

Hunagundi claims that he cannot resist the urge to eat bricks, mud, and stones as his body seems to demand it in some inexplicable way. His family, on the other hand, is engaged in a constant struggle to convince him to stop. "I can't stop," insists Hunagundi. "This habit is stronger than me."

Pakkirappa Hunagundi

Curiosity and Disbelief

After news stories about him appeared in the global media, many people flocked to catch a glimpse of Hunagundi. The Indian man hopes to capitalize on his unusual talent for eating bricks, as his family's income is meager. However, there are also skeptics who believe that he is merely seeking attention and financial gain. Nevertheless, if eating bricks and stones were as easy as it seems, it would likely have become a popular business in underdeveloped countries.

Pakkirappa Hunagundi

Unusually Healthy Teeth

Despite grinding bricks with his teeth, Hunagundi boasts remarkably healthy dental hygiene. He claims that his teeth are not affected by his peculiar eating behavior. For the past 20 years, he has consumed up to three kilograms of bricks, dried mud, and stones daily, washing them down with water.

Pakkirappa Hunagundi

A Friend's Concern

One of Hunagundi's friends expressed both pity and hope for him, saying, "Yes, he has become famous, but I still feel sorry for him. I wish someone could help him." However, Hunagundi himself does not appear to be unhappy. He happily consumes bricks on camera and revels in his newfound popularity. He also claims to have no desire for regular food, which many find hard to believe. Nevertheless, one can only take Hunagundi's word for it, as only he truly knows what his body requires.

A Hope for Wealth

Recently, Hunagundi has begun earning some income from his consumption of non-nutritive substances. In the future, he hopes to truly prosper from his unique talent.