Patience Dabany

Patience Dabany

Gabonese singer and drummer
Date of Birth: 22.01.1944
Country: Gabon

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Biography of Pascienne Dabani

Pascienne Dabani, a Gabonese singer and drummer, was the former First Lady of the Republic of Gabon. In 1958, she met Albert-Bernard Bongo, a young Gabonese student who later became the President of Gabon in 1967 and changed his name to Omar in 1973 after converting to Islam. At the age of 15, on October 31, 1959, she married him. In 1986, she and Omar Bongo divorced.

Music Career

After the divorce, Marie Josephe Nkama, now known as Pascienne Dabani, began her career as a professional musician and performer. She adopted the stage name Pascienne Dabani. Throughout her career, she showcased her skills as a singer and drummer, captivating audiences with her musical talent.


Pascienne Dabani has a son named Alan Bernard Bongo, who is currently the President of Gabon, born on February 9, 1959. She also had a daughter, Albertine-Amis Bongo, born in 1964 but tragically passed away in 1993.

Overall, Pascienne Dabani's life has been marked by her contributions to the music industry and her role as the former First Lady of Gabon. Her talent and dedication have made her a respected figure in Gabonese society.