Patrick Battiston

Patrick Battiston

Former French footballer
Date of Birth: 12.05.1957
Country: France

  1. Biography of Patrick Battiston
  2. Early Career
  3. Move to Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux
  4. Monaco and Retirement
  5. National Team Career
  6. Infamous Incident

Biography of Patrick Battiston

Patrick Battiston is a former French footballer who played as a central defender. He was part of the French national team that won the European Championship in 1984. Battiston is currently the director of the training center at Bordeaux Football Club.

Early Career

Patrick Battiston began his career in the youth team of Talange Club in 1966. In 1973, he joined FC Metz, which competed in France's Ligue 1. Battiston played for Metz for eight years, making his debut for the French national team during this time. However, he did not achieve major success with Metz.

Move to Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux

In 1980, Battiston moved to Saint-Etienne and immediately won the league championship with the club in his first season. However, Saint-Etienne was unable to replicate their success with Battiston, only reaching the finals of the French Cup twice. In 1983, Battiston transferred to Bordeaux. This period with Bordeaux was the most successful of Battiston's career, winning three league championships and the French Cup.

Monaco and Retirement

In 1989, Battiston joined AS Monaco and won another league championship with the club. He ended his career with Bordeaux in 1991.

National Team Career

Battiston made his debut for the French national team at the 1976 Olympics, playing three games. He was called up to the senior team for a match against Romania on February 2, 1977, which France won 2-0. However, this match was not officially recognized, and Battiston's second game against West Germany on February 23 is considered his official debut for the national team. Battiston played for the French national team for 10 years, earning 56 caps and scoring three goals. He participated in three World Cups and one European Championship, with France winning the latter.

Infamous Incident

The most famous moment of Battiston's career was during the 1982 World Cup semifinal against West Germany. In the 57th minute, Battiston received a pass near the German goal defended by goalkeeper Toni Schumacher. Schumacher collided with Battiston in an attempt to prevent him from scoring, resulting in a severe head and spine injury for Battiston. He lost three teeth and was briefly unconscious. Michel Platini later expressed his concern, thinking Battiston had died because he couldn't feel a pulse and his face turned pale. Battiston was substituted after 10 minutes, and Schumacher did not receive a yellow card for the incident. Battiston was diagnosed with broken cervical vertebrae and a jaw injury. Schumacher later apologized and offered to pay for new crowns for Battiston's missing teeth, which Battiston accepted.