Persilla Lautner

Persilla Lautner

Woman with werewolf syndrome
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Percilla Lotner
  2. Early Life and Condition
  3. Life in the Circus
  4. Fame and Later Life

Biography of Percilla Lotner

Early Life and Condition

Percilla Lotner was born in Puerto Rico in 1911. She suffered from hypertrichosis, more commonly known as "werewolf syndrome." This condition caused Lotner to have an abnormal amount of hair and two rows of teeth. She was the only member in her family of five siblings to have this condition. Lotner's mother consulted with doctors, but they were unable to offer any effective treatment for her condition.

Life in the Circus

After the death of her father, Lotner joined a circus where cruel organizers gave her the nickname "Monkey Girl." Despite the challenges she faced, Lotner learned to sing and dance and received an education. During one of her tours, she met Emmitt Bejano, who suffered from ichthyosis, a disorder that caused his skin to become stiff and scaly. Bejano performed under the name "Crocodile Man." In 1938, the couple got married and remained together until Bejano's death in 1995. The touring spouses became known as the most unusual husband and wife in the world.

Fame and Later Life

Lotner even made an appearance on the Jerry Springer Show, where she gave an interview. By that time, in 1997, Lotner had already shaved off her excessive hair. She passed away in 2001 at the age of 89.