Peter Woo

Peter Woo

Heir to a large investment company "Wheelock"
Country: Hong Kong

  1. Biography of Peter Woo
  2. Wheelock & Co.
  3. Leadership and Transparency

Biography of Peter Woo

Peter Woo is the heir to the major investment company "Wheelock & Co." Based in Hong Kong, Wheelock & Co. is one of the leading investment organizations in the region. The company has a primary investment interest in the transportation company Wharf Holdings, as well as other sectors such as logistics, communications, media, and entertainment. Peter inherited the company from his father-in-law, who himself became the successor of one of the previous leaders and owners. With an estimated personal fortune of approximately 2.3 billion dollars, Peter Woo ranks 335th in the list of the world's richest individuals.

Wheelock & Co.

As one of the leading investment organizations in Hong Kong, Wheelock & Co. focuses its investments primarily on Wharf Holdings, a transportation company, as well as other sectors including logistics, communications, media, and entertainment. Additionally, Wheelock & Co. has a strong interest in one of the country's leading property developers, New Asia Realty and Trust. Currently, distribution and retail trade, including Lane Crawford, Joyce, and City'Super, make up two percent of the company's total balance sheet. The remaining percentage is represented by other assets and securities investments. With over 11,000 employees, Wheelock & Co. is a sizable organization with an extensive history dating back to its founding in 1857 in Shanghai.

Leadership and Transparency

Peter Woo takes great care of his company and believes that any newcomer to Hong Kong should not only appreciate the city's excellent architecture, shops, and hotels but also his own company, among others. Unlike many Asian companies that operate in secrecy, Wheelock & Co. strives to maintain transparency in its operations. Being a family business, the company emphasizes accessibility and visibility, which is highly valued by many. Currently, the management is attempting to transform Wheelock & Co. into a well-established powerful Asian conglomerate, with a focus on retail representation. This transformation serves as an opportunity to showcase the strength of family legacy and excellent accounting work.