Piter Okello

Piter Okello

Ugandan boxer permanently residing in Japan.
Date of Birth: 19.07.1972
Country: Japan

  1. Peter Okhello Biography
  2. Professional Career
  3. Amateur Success
  4. American Endeavor
  5. International Challenges
  6. Fight against Oleg Maskaev
  7. Overall Career

Peter Okhello Biography

Peter Okhello, a Ugandan boxer, was born on June 19, 1972, in the city of Kampala, Uganda. He is a heavyweight boxer who permanently resides in Japan. During his professional career, he has fought in 23 matches, winning 18 (16 by knockout) and suffering five defeats.

Professional Career

Ranked 10th by the WBC (World Boxing Council), Okhello earned the right to fight WBC champion Oleg Maskaev. The bout took place on December 10th at the Olympic Sports Complex in Moscow and ended with Maskaev winning by unanimous decision.

Amateur Success

Before turning professional, Okhello had a successful amateur career. He was crowned the best boxer in Uganda five times and made the decision to pursue a professional career in 1997. Okhello then moved to Japan, where he won six consecutive matches within a little over a year.

American Endeavor

In 2002, Okhello decided to continue his career in the United States, seeking a greater variety of opponents and sparring partners. However, he suffered a defeat in his first fight in America against Imam Mayfield. As a result, Okhello returned to Japan, where he once again won six consecutive matches.

International Challenges

On June 11, 2005, in Kempten, Germany, Okhello faced Sinan Samil Sam, a well-known German boxer of Turkish descent. Okhello lost to Sam by unanimous decision, marking his second defeat in matches held outside of Japan. However, on April 15, 2006, Okhello emerged victorious against Bob Mirovic in Tokyo.

Fight against Oleg Maskaev

In September, the new WBC world champion, Oleg Maskaev, selected Okhello as his opponent for a voluntary title defense. Okhello, who was preparing for the fight in Las Vegas, flew to Moscow on December 3. On December 10, he lost the match against Maskaev by unanimous decision, experiencing a knockdown in the tenth round.

Overall Career

Throughout his professional career, Okhello, known in Japan as Isimaru, has fought in 23 matches, securing 18 victories (16 by knockout) and enduring five defeats.