Rashid Rauf

Rashid Rauf

Leader of London Islamists
Country: Pakistan

  1. Biography of Rashid Rauf
  2. Early Life and Background
  3. Terrorist Activities and Arrest
  4. Charges and Escape
  5. Possible Death

Biography of Rashid Rauf

Rashid Rauf was a leader of London Islamists, closely associated with the international terrorist organization 'Al-Qaeda'. According to British authorities, Rauf was part of a group of Islamists planning a series of attacks on airliners flying between Britain and the United States in August 2006.

Rashid Rauf

Early Life and Background

Rashid Rauf was born in 1981 in England to a Pakistani family. He spent his childhood in Birmingham, where his father worked as a baker. Rauf held dual citizenship - British and Pakistani. He had close ties to the international terrorist organization 'Al-Qaeda' and was considered one of the leaders of London terrorists.

Terrorist Activities and Arrest

Rauf was responsible for planning various terrorist acts on British soil. Through his activities, key participants in previous terrorist plots received training in militarized camps in Pakistan. He was arrested by British authorities but released due to lack of evidence. He then fled to Pakistan, where he was arrested again. However, in late 2007, Rauf escaped from custody. By that time, the UK had already demanded his extradition.

Charges and Escape

In September 2008, three suspects were finally convicted of preparing explosions. However, the prosecution failed to prove that they specifically planned to detonate airplanes. One suspect was found not guilty, and the other four jurors struggled to reach a verdict, leading to a retrial. Rauf was also suspected of planning other terrorist attacks, including an alleged plot to attack the New York City subway. Testimonies from arrested terrorists Zarein Ahmedzay and Najibullah Zazi in 2010 implicated Rauf and his associate Saleh al-Somali in the plot.

Possible Death

On November 22, 2008, at least two (according to some sources, four) Islamists connected to 'Al-Qaeda' were killed in a US drone strike in Pakistan. One of them was believed to be Rashid Rauf. Another individual, known as Abu Zubair al-Masri, was an Egyptian. However, there are conflicting reports about Rauf's fate, with some sources suggesting he may have survived the strike. Even Rauf's family's lawyer supports the theory that he was killed.