Richard Rainwater

Richard Rainwater

American investor, major billionaire
Country: USA

Biography of Richard Rainwater

Richard Rainwater, an American investor and billionaire, is the owner of 7.5 percent of the telecommunications company Global Crossing. He also possesses a significant amount of real estate, including 75 office buildings in Houston and Dallas. Additionally, he owns several hotels in Canyon Ranch and its resort areas. Rainwater is a renowned American investor and the owner of a global financial organization.

Born to a grocer, Richard Rainwater overcame humble beginnings to receive an excellent education. He graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in mathematics and later earned an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. With his education, Rainwater began his career as an investment banker. However, he soon received an invitation to work for his former classmate, Sid Bass. Rainwater accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer at Bass family investments. Although he initially faced difficulties and even suffered some financial losses, he quickly rebounded and made significantly more money.

In 1986, Richard Rainwater became an independent investor and started his own business. He invested a substantial capital in over thirty companies. Rainwater became the owner or co-owner of numerous companies, including ENSCO International Incorporated, Columbia Hospital Corporation, Mid Ocean Limited, Crescent Real Estate Equities, Inc., and many others. In the late 1990s, Rainwater decided to thoroughly study the oil business and subsequently executed several successful operations, taking advantage of favorable positions in the financial markets.

Currently, Richard Rainwater owns 7.5 percent of Global Crossing, a telecommunications company, as well as a significant amount of real estate, including 75 office buildings in Houston and Dallas. He also possesses a number of hotels in Canyon Ranch and its resort areas. Richard's wife, Darla Moore, manages a certain amount of their personal assets. The family recently donated over seventy million dollars to the Business School in South Carolina.

Richard Rainwater also played a significant role in financially supporting George Bush, contributing no less than ten million dollars.