Rick Krebs

Rick Krebs

Role-playing game developer and game modeling master
Date of Birth: 09.10.1949
Country: USA

  1. Rick Krebs: A Biography
  2. Gandbusters and Beyond
  3. Gamer's Guild and Other Ventures
  4. The Connection with Gary Gygax

Rick Krebs: A Biography

Rick Krebs, a developer of role-playing games and a master of game design, was born on October 9, 1949, in Reading, Pennsylvania. His journey into the gaming industry began in 1960 when he started playing with toothpicks, building blocks, cardboard sheets, and bingo cards, creating various imaginative structures. As an eleven-year-old, Krebs would invent games about medieval and fantasy knights, brutal gangster conflicts, and modern warfare. His love for changing game rules and coming up with new ones often led to arguments with other children, as his mother would recount.

Eventually, Krebs transitioned from games and toys to become a historian. In 1971, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Albright College, with his diploma dedicated to the biographer, journalist, and historian Burton J. Hendrick. However, his involvement in the gaming industry did not end there.

Gandbusters and Beyond

Krebs is best known as the developer of the historical role-playing game based on the 1920s, 'Gandbusters'. His contributions to the industry extended beyond this, as he was also the creator of the amateur magazine 'Phanta Carta' and participated in the creation of the first edition of 'Advanced Dungeons & Dragons', where he wrote the foreword to the 1979 Master's Guide. Krebs also authored articles published in the 'Dragon' magazine, titled 'Dungeons & Dragons Meets the Electronic Age' and 'Non-Player Characters Have Feelings Too'.

Gamer's Guild and Other Ventures

Krebs founded the game store 'Gamer's Guild', which operated from 1977 to 1982. During this time, he created an expansion called 'the Krebikoff Gambit' for the board game 'Cosmic Encounter'. He also developed simple rules for playing with miniature spaceships and figurines from the English Civil War series. In the mid-1990s, Krebs worked on the game 'ElderLords', based on 'Dungeons & Dragons' campaigns. He also designed adventures for the computer game 'Eamon Adventures', created and wrote the computer game 'Radio Horse Racing', a horse racing simulator, invented cyber-beings called 'rainbow doozi', and improved several artificial intelligence computer games.

The Connection with Gary Gygax

Since 1975, Krebs maintained a close relationship with Gary Gygax until Gygax's death in 2008. He also created and released the game system 'Foam Wars'. Krebs' main rule in game development was simple: "The only and most important rule is to derive pleasure from the work."