Rifca Stanescu

Rifca Stanescu

The world's youngest grandmother
Country: Romania

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The Youngest Grandmother in the World

It is commonly believed that daughters often unconsciously imitate their mothers' behavior. The situation in the family of Romanian gypsy Rifka Stanescu perfectly confirms this saying. If Rifka herself gave birth to a daughter at the age of 12, then her daughter Maria did the same, only a little earlier - she gave birth to a son at the age of 11. After simple calculations, it turns out that Rifka became a happy grandmother at the age of 23. So, a new record holder has appeared in the world - the youngest grandmother. It is hard to imagine that this record will ever be broken...

Rifca Stanescu

Rifka Stanescu's Biography

Rifka Stanescu is a 23-year-old Romanian gypsy who lives in a Romanian village where gypsies historically reside. She gave birth to her daughter Maria early, or rather very early - Rifka was only twelve years old at that time. However, Rifka herself was not shocked by her age - she claims that young gypsy girls traditionally get married early. Indeed, early marriages among gypsies are common, as long as the girl is already capable of childbearing and matures early.

Rifca Stanescu

Not long ago, Rifka became known worldwide as the youngest grandmother. At the age of 23, she received a grandson from her daughter Maria, who was only eleven years old at the time of giving birth. While human rights organizations around the civilized world were in shock and contemplating what to do to stop the sexual exploitation of underage girls, Rifka and Maria began raising their son and grandson, named Ion. The little boy is now two years old, his young mother is 13, and his grandmother is 25. That's simple arithmetic; it's worth adding that Ion's great-grandmother is now 40 years old, and she was 38 at the time of her great-grandson's birth.

It is known that when Maria became pregnant, Rifka was not particularly happy - she wanted Maria to receive an education first. But unfortunately, nature took its course, and Rifka had no choice but to accept it. And when the wonderful baby was born, she couldn't imagine that life could have been any different.

By the way, Maria quickly recovered from childbirth and continued going to school. Rifka Stanescu told journalists that she herself ran away from home at the age of eleven, not alone, but with a young man who was thirteen at the time. Soon, their first child, Maria, was born, making Rifka a grandmother at the age of 23.

In gypsy families, virginity is a necessary condition for marriage, and if a young man finds out that his chosen one is not a virgin, it is a reason to cancel the wedding, which the relatives will understand. In turn, men also have obligations: if a passionate lover cannot hold back and has relations with his beloved, he cannot avoid marriage - that's the law. Dishonored - get married.

Rifka also recalled in her interview with journalists that when she ran away with her lover, her father was furious - he even attacked the newlyweds with a knife, demanding compensation for his daughter's tarnished honor. He took Rifka home, but she ran away again to be with her husband. Her father only calmed down after receiving a dowry and compensation of 500,000 leu. The previous record holder, the youngest grandmother in the world, was a 26-year-old British woman from Yorkshire, whose daughter gave birth at the age of 12. Rifka Stanescu easily beat this record by a three-year margin. So, we can only wait and see if anyone will be able to become a grandmother even earlier?