Robert George Clements

Robert George Clements

Irish physician and Fellow of the Royal Society of Surgeons; suspected of murdering his four wives
Country: Ireland

Biography of Robert George Clements

Robert George Clements was an Irish doctor and a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Born in 1880 in Belfast, Ireland, he completed his education at the age of 24 in 1904. Clements' first wife, Edith, died from "sleeping sickness" in 1920 at the age of 40. His second wife, Mary, passed away from endocarditis, an inflammation of the inner lining of the heart, at the age of 25. His third wife, Kathleen, lost her battle with cancer.

Clements' fourth wife, Amy Victoria Burnett, was the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. She died under suspicious circumstances in Southport on May 27, 1947. A day before her death, Clements took her to another doctor who directed her to a private clinic where she eventually passed away. Both Clements and another doctor diagnosed her with myeloid leukemia, a diagnosis that was confirmed during the autopsy conducted by Dr. James Houston.

The circumstances surrounding Burnett's death raised questions about the deaths of his previous three wives. All of them, except for the third wife, were wealthy when he married them but were left almost penniless at the time of their deaths. Clements personally signed the death certificates, and suspicions that arose after the death of his third wife could not be investigated as her body was immediately cremated after autopsy. When the police came to arrest Clements, they discovered that he had committed suicide, leaving a note: "To whom it may concern: I can no longer bear the devilish insults recently thrown upon me."

Dr. Grace conducted a second autopsy on Amy Victoria Burnett and concluded that she died from morphine poisoning. This was confirmed by Dr. J.B. Firth, the director of the main laboratory in Preston. It is believed that Clements murdered Burnett to inherit her fortune. When Dr. James Houston learned that no morphine was found during the autopsy, he also took his own life.