Robert Leslie Stewart

Robert Leslie Stewart

One of the last executioners of the United Kingdom
Date of Birth: 04.1918Год
Country: South Africa

Biography of Robert Leslie Stewart

Robert Leslie Stewart, also known as Jock Stewart, was one of the last executioners in the United Kingdom, serving from 1950 to 1964. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Stewart began his career in the Saughton Prison in Edinburgh before moving to London in September 1950 to undergo training as an assistant executioner at Pentonville Prison.

In 1951, Stewart's name appeared on the lists of the Home Office for the first time, as he was appointed as an assistant to executioner Stephen Wade for the hanging of Alfred Reynolds in Norwich. Stewart carried out his duties diligently and effectively, overseeing the execution of 21 court-mandated sentences as an assistant until the abolition of capital punishment in 1965.

In 1957, Stewart and his colleague Harry Allen were promoted to the position of executioner following the resignation of Albert Pierrepoint in 1956 and Wade's death in the same year. In his new role, Stewart performed six executions, including the hanging of Anthony Miller, the last juvenile to be executed in the United Kingdom.

Stewart's final execution took place on August 13, 1964, when he hanged Peter Anthony Allen at Walton Prison. Allen had been found guilty of the murder of John Alan West, a 53-year-old van driver. Allen and his accomplice, Gwynne Owen Evans, had broken into West's house to commit a robbery, resulting in West's death. Evans was also sentenced to death and hanged at Strangeways Prison in Manchester, with the execution carried out by Harry Allen.

After the abolition of capital punishment, Stewart emigrated to South Africa and worked as a simple engineer. He passed away in November 1989 at the age of 71, without pursuing any further career as an executioner.