Sam Houston

Sam Houston

Professional wrestler, talented wrestler
Date of Birth: 11.10.1963
Country: USA

  1. Professional Wrestler, Talented Fighter
  2. Early Career
  3. Survivor Series and Battle Royal
  4. Challenges and Setbacks
  5. Legal Troubles and Comeback
  6. Legacy

Professional Wrestler, Talented Fighter

Sam Houston, born Michael Maurice Smith on October 11, 1963, in Texas, USA, is a professional wrestler and talented fighter who has received numerous awards. He comes from a family with a wrestling background, with his father being a former professional wrestler known as "Grizzly" Smith. Sam's brother also had a direct connection to wrestling.

Early Career

In 1987, Houston made his debut in the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) and immediately showcased his strong potential. In May of the same year, Sam defeated Terry Gibbs, and in October, he outperformed Barry Horowitz. In the winter of 1988, he participated in the prestigious Royal Rumble event, once again impressing his fans with his outstanding performance.

Survivor Series and Battle Royal

In November 1988, Sam Houston teamed up with several popular wrestlers of that time, such as Blue Blazer (real name Owen Hart), forming a formidable team that made a name for themselves in the Survivor Series match. A few years later, in April 1992, Sam won another Battle Royal match within the Global Wrestling Federation, once again showcasing his skills and power.

Challenges and Setbacks

In August 1994, Sam Houston once again stood out, this time in the Pro Wrestling America promotion. However, the year 2005 proved to be particularly challenging for him. The devastating Hurricane Katrina destroyed all of Houston's plans and dealt a severe blow to his and his father's property, causing them to lose almost everything.

Legal Troubles and Comeback

The following year, Sam Houston found himself in the spotlight once again, this time due to numerous legal issues surrounding the restless wrestler's activities. He was even incarcerated in Louisiana. However, a few years later, in September 2007, Houston delighted fans with an excellent performance in Grunge Wrestling Entertainment and a victorious battle against the equally famous professional wrestler, Porkchop Cash.


Currently, Sam Houston is still considered one of the best wrestlers of the past. Fans fondly remember his signature moves, including holds, submissions, strikes, falls, and kicks, which captivated not only wrestling experts but also enthusiasts of the sport.