Sandie Shaw

Sandie Shaw

English pop singer
Date of Birth: 27.02.1947
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Sandie Shaw
  2. Early Career and Rise to Fame
  3. Series of Hits and Collaboration with Chris Andrews
  4. Eurovision Victory and Scandal
  5. Comeback and Continued Success
  6. International Popularity and Later Career

Biography of Sandie Shaw

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Sandie Shaw is an English pop singer, best known for winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967. She made her debut in 1964 and was discovered by singer Adam Faith, who introduced her to manager Ivor Taylor. While her first single, "As Long As You're Happy," did not achieve much success, her rendition of the popular Burt Bacharach and Hal David composition, "There's Always Something There To Remind Me," topped the UK charts.

Sandie Shaw

Series of Hits and Collaboration with Chris Andrews

Sandie, who had the appearance of a fashion model due to her tall stature, went on to record a series of popular hits over the next three years, primarily written by her producer Chris Andrews. His energetic and rhythmic compositions perfectly matched Sandie's temperament. One of these songs, "Long Live Love," a calypso-influenced track, reached the top of the charts in 1965.

Sandie Shaw

Eurovision Victory and Scandal

In 1967, Sandie represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest and won first place with the song "Puppet on a String," which also became a chart-topper in the UK. Her victory margin of 53% over the second-place contestant remains a record in the history of the competition. During her performance, Sandie caused a minor scandal by appearing barefoot, as the concert program took place in the Imperial Palace in Vienna. This led to performing barefoot becoming her signature style.

Comeback and Continued Success

After the success of her single "Tonight In Tokyo," written by the Eurovision-winning songwriters Bill Martin and Phil Coulter, Sandie returned to collaborating with Andrews. In 1969, she recorded her own version of the French hit "Monsieur Dupont," which became her last popular work. In the early 1980s, Sandie experienced a resurgence when Morrissey, the vocalist of The Smiths, recorded the song "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now," inspired by her 1960s composition "Heaven Knows I'm Missing You Now." Her collaboration with The Smiths on the single "Hand In Glove" in 1984 brought her further success.

International Popularity and Later Career

Sandie Shaw sang her songs not only in English but also in Italian, French, German, and Spanish, which contributed to her immense popularity in continental Europe (including Eastern Europe), South America, and Iran. After marrying fashion designer Jeff Banks, fashion became a new passion for Sandie, and she started releasing clothing under her own brand from 1968. In 1991, she released her autobiography. Following her studies at Oxford and London universities, Sandie became a practicing psychoanalyst from 1994 onwards.