Sean McLelland

Sean McLelland

Clay pigeon shooter, Olympic participant 2008
Date of Birth: 17.09.1985
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Sean McLelland
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Achievements in Shooting
  4. Personal Life and Interests

Biography of Sean McLelland

Sean McLelland, born on September 17, 1985, in Brownsville, Texas, is an exceptionally talented and highly promising American athlete. His sport of choice is clay target shooting. Currently, he is a member of the United States Olympic team, representing his country at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Early Life and Education

At the age of fourteen, McLelland developed a serious interest in shooting at clay targets. He was greatly influenced by renowned shooter Steve Schultz, who played a significant role in shaping McLelland's sporting and personal character. He attended Sharyland High School and graduated in 2004. McLelland then enrolled at Lindenwood University, where he continues his studies. His major is business, a subject that captivates him the most. Additionally, he is a member of the Lindenwood University Shotgun team.

Achievements in Shooting

McLelland actively participates in both national and international shooting competitions. Among his notable achievements are the Spring Selection Match in 2006, where he won a gold medal, and the Fall Selection Match in 2007, where he earned a silver medal. His performance in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials (Shotgun) played a crucial role in his sporting career, securing him second place and a well-deserved spot on the Olympic team. He eagerly awaits his moment to shine at the shooting ranges in Beijing. McLelland is confident in his victory, as he is young, strong, resilient, and passionately desires to win his first Olympic medal. Experts in the shooting field consider him one of the best and most promising athletes capable of achieving the most prestigious awards.

Personal Life and Interests

Aside from his exceptional shooting skills, McLelland enjoys hunting (particularly large game), fishing, and traveling in his free time. He also places great importance on education, considering it a vital aspect of a well-rounded individual.