Sergey Burlakov

Sergey Burlakov

Disabled athlete
Country: Russia

  1. Biography of Sergei Burlakov
  2. Early Life and Accident
  3. Recovery and New Beginnings
  4. Love and Sports
  5. Entrepreneurship and Setbacks
  6. Advocacy and Achievements
  7. Legacy and Future Aspirations

Biography of Sergei Burlakov

Sergei Burlakov is a disabled athlete who has achieved great success despite facing numerous challenges in his life. Born and raised in Taganrog, Russia, Burlakov's life took a tragic turn when he lost his hands and legs due to an accident caused by another person ten years ago. However, he refused to let this setback define him and worked hard to rebuild his life.

Early Life and Accident

Before the accident, Burlakov was serving in the military and had only 108 days left until his discharge. He was uncertain about his future and discussed his concerns with a fellow soldier, who was driving them to their destination. Unfortunately, the driver lost control of the vehicle, and it plummeted into a 15-meter abyss. Burlakov suffered severe injuries, including a fractured skull, broken ribs, and internal damage. Despite his critical condition, he miraculously survived the night in freezing temperatures before being rescued and taken to the hospital.

Recovery and New Beginnings

During the initial months of his recovery, Burlakov was supported by his mother, who sacrificed everything to ensure his well-being. He faced immense physical and emotional challenges, but his determination and positive outlook on life helped him push through. Burlakov believed that being disabled did not define him as a person and continued to strive for a fulfilling life.

Love and Sports

Burlakov's life took a positive turn when he met a young woman during a visit to his mother in the Nizhny Novgorod region. They fell in love, and she saw him for the interesting and attractive person he was, rather than focusing on his disability. Their relationship blossomed, and they eventually got married and had a daughter. Love gave Burlakov a new sense of purpose and motivated him to pursue sports as a way to prove himself.

Despite his physical limitations, Burlakov trained relentlessly and participated in various sports, including track and field and swimming. His hard work paid off, and he became a champion in Russian athletics for disabled individuals, as well as a master of sports in swimming. He even represented Russia in international competitions.

Entrepreneurship and Setbacks

Driven by his desire to provide a secure future for his family, Burlakov started his own business, initially opening a small kiosk and later expanding to three pharmacies. His success and the stability he created for his family made him incredibly happy. However, his happiness was short-lived when his wife, influenced by her mother's disapproval of Burlakov's disability, left him and took their daughter away. This heartbreak plunged him into emotional turmoil, reminiscent of the pain he experienced during his hospitalization.

Additionally, Burlakov faced threats from local businessmen who were unhappy with the competitive prices he offered in his pharmacies. They demanded he raise his prices or face the consequences. Faced with these challenges, Burlakov made the difficult decision to sell his businesses and move back to Taganrog with his mother and sisters, in an attempt to start anew.

Advocacy and Achievements

Determined to make a difference in the lives of disabled individuals, Burlakov founded the Federation of Physical Culture and Sports for the Disabled in Taganrog. He tirelessly worked to gain support from local authorities and sponsors, and through his own example, encouraged other disabled individuals to embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Burlakov's dedication and athletic achievements gained international recognition when he won the prestigious New York City Marathon for disabled athletes, running on prosthetic legs. He also became a world champion in his sport. Inspired by his own journey, Burlakov enrolled in the Rostov Pedagogical Academy and plans to pursue further studies at the Academy of Civil Service to expand his knowledge and contribute to the field of disability sports.

Legacy and Future Aspirations

Despite the challenges he has faced, Burlakov remains steadfast in his belief that he is the master of his own life. He refuses to succumb to pity or allow his disability to define him. Burlakov dreams of meeting his soulmate, building a family, and becoming a father to at least three children. He continues to inspire others through his resilience, sportsmanship, and advocacy for the rights and inclusion of disabled individuals in society.