Sergey Mandrik

Sergey Mandrik


  1. Biography of Sergey Mandrik
  2. Balancing Between Dance Battles and Choreography
  3. Working with Celebrities
  4. Challenges and Adventures in the Entertainment Industry
  5. Personal Life and Hobbies
  6. Facing Misconceptions and Challenges

Biography of Sergey Mandrik

Sergey Mandrik, a renowned choreographer, gained recognition through the popular television show "Fabrika Zvezd" (Star Factory). Prior to the show, he was only known within the show business circles. However, his talent propelled him to become one of the best choreographers in the Russian entertainment industry.

Balancing Between Dance Battles and Choreography

After his successful stint on "Fabrika Zvezd," Mandrik became the choreographer for the Street Jazz ballet. He worked with various renowned artists, creating captivating choreography for their performances. However, his busy schedule left little time for his personal life.

Despite his dedication to dance battles and choreography, Mandrik continued to work with famous artists. One notable artist he collaborated with was Dima Bilan, a popular Russian singer. Mandrik also expressed his appreciation for artists like the group Dinamit and Diskoteka Avaria, who incorporated dance into their performances.

Working with Celebrities

Mandrik has had the opportunity to work with numerous celebrities throughout his career. He collaborated with Kristina Orbakaite, creating mesmerizing choreography for her solo performances. He also mentioned working on dance routines for Alexander Malinin, showcasing that choreography is not limited to just pop music.

Additionally, Mandrik mentioned his collaboration with Philipp Kirkorov, a prominent figure in the Russian music industry. He praised Kirkorov's understanding of what it means to be an artist. Mandrik also highlighted the limited number of dancers in the industry, mentioning artists like Zhanna Friske, who possess dance skills but do not utilize them in their performances.

Challenges and Adventures in the Entertainment Industry

Mandrik shared some challenges he faced while working with artists during his career. He mentioned instances where he had to adapt choreography to suit different genres, such as creating dances for romantic songs performed by Aleksandr Malinin. He emphasized the importance of understanding an artist's style and adjusting choreography accordingly.

The choreographer also shared his experiences working with contestants on reality shows like "Fabrika Zvezd." He mentioned the intense schedule and the pressure on the contestants, which sometimes led to tension and fatigue. Mandrik's approach differed from other choreographers, as he chose not to force anyone to dance and aimed to create a supportive environment for the contestants.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Mandrik opened up about his personal life, mentioning that he is divorced but has found love with someone special. He also has a six-year-old daughter named Yanka, who shows an interest in singing and dancing.

While Mandrik's work consumes much of his time, he manages to find relaxation outside of the entertainment industry. He enjoys spending time with friends who are not involved in show business, often engaging in activities like playing billiards and discussing their shared hobby of fishing.

Facing Misconceptions and Challenges

As a choreographer, Mandrik has encountered misconceptions and stereotypes about dancers, including assumptions about their sexual orientation. He acknowledged that the perception of dancers in Russia differs from that in other countries. However, he emphasized the importance of professionalism and debunked stereotypes by highlighting the rigorous training and dedication required in the field.

Mandrik's journey as a choreographer began with his passion for dance, particularly breakdancing. He attended dance classes and workshops, honing his skills and eventually moving to Moscow to pursue a career in choreography. Despite facing initial challenges, he persisted and became one of the most respected choreographers in the Russian entertainment industry.