Shane Edwards

Shane Edwards

9-year-old British man who managed to cope with glioblastoma
Country: Great Britain

  1. Shane Edwards: A Brave Fighter and Survivor
  2. A Difficult Diagnosis and Treatment
  3. A Harsh Reality
  4. Looking Forward to Christmas
  5. A Continued Journey
  6. A Rare Survivor
  7. A Grateful Mother

Shane Edwards: A Brave Fighter and Survivor

Shane Edwards, a 9-year-old boy from Bradford, England, has shown incredible resilience in his battle against glioblastoma, an aggressive and fast-growing brain tumor. Despite being told by doctors that there was no hope for his recovery, Shane refused to give up and fought against all odds.

Shane Edwards

A Difficult Diagnosis and Treatment

In February 2012, at the age of only six, Shane was first diagnosed with the tumor. He underwent two complex surgeries, radiation therapy, and months of chemotherapy. The results of his scans brought relief to his entire family as it seemed that Shane had successfully defeated the terrifying disease.

Shane Edwards

A Harsh Reality

However, in July 2014, devastating news arrived - the cancer had returned. Doctors gave Shane little chance of survival and discouraged his family from pursuing further treatment. Despite this, Shane's mother, Tracy, persisted and arranged for him to receive chemotherapy at home through tablets. Three months later, a check-up revealed that Shane's body appeared to be free of cancer cells, bringing immense joy and relief to his family.

Shane Edwards

Looking Forward to Christmas

Today, Shane eagerly awaits spending Christmas with his twin brother Scott, his older brothers Callum and Kyle, and his parents Tracy and Philip. Tracy expressed her gratitude, stating, "We were devastated when the doctors told us the cancer had returned. We couldn't believe it since things had gone so well for Shane for two years. Now it's such a relief to hear that the tumor is gone again. We thought it might shrink a bit after the chemotherapy, but we didn't expect it to disappear completely. Now we can celebrate Christmas without worrying about the illness. All the boys will have a great time this year."

A Continued Journey

Although the road to recovery is not over for Shane, he still has two more rounds of chemotherapy to undergo at Leeds General Infirmary. The treatment will conclude in the spring, and regular tests will be conducted every three to six months. Tracy is grateful to friends, families, and well-wishers who helped raise funds for her son's treatment. She is also thankful to those who fulfilled some of Shane's wishes from his bucket list, including an amazing petrol-powered children's buggy.

A Rare Survivor

Shane's health issues began with intense headaches, leading to the discovery of a glioblastoma (grade 4 tumor). According to the charity organization Cancer Research UK, only 20 out of 100 children diagnosed with glioblastoma survive for approximately five years. Many adults do not survive beyond the first year. Dr. Sue Picton, a consultant in pediatric oncology, expressed her satisfaction with Shane's progress during his second round of treatment, stating, "It was really good news for Shane and his family. We are delighted to see that the tumor is responding so well to chemotherapy. While it is still too early to say the danger has passed, the response to chemotherapy has been better than expected."

A Grateful Mother

In conclusion, Tracy added, "I don't know how to thank the staff at Leeds General Infirmary. They have always treated Shane so well."