Shot-Aman Valihanov

Shot-Aman Valihanov

Soviet and Kazakh sculptor
Date of Birth: 26.04.1932
Country: Kazakhstan

  1. Biography of Shokhan Valikhanov
  2. Family Background

Biography of Shokhan Valikhanov

Shokhan Valikhanov is a renowned Soviet and Kazakhstani sculptor, an honored architect of the Kazakh SSR, and a recipient of the State Prize (1990). He also serves as the Chairman of the Republican Society for the Preservation of Monuments of History and Culture. Valikhanov graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute.

Family Background

Shokhan Valikhanov comes from the Torre clan (a branch of the Chingizid lineage) and is a descendant of the brother of the Kazakh and Russian scholar Chokan Valikhanov. He is married to Zinaida Karimovna Valikhanova and they have two children, Gulnath Shotaqyz and Bayan Shotaqyz. Valikhanov is also a proud grandfather to Zarina Erkinovna Valikhanova, Okzhetpes Suleimenuly Valikhanov, Meruert Suleimenqyzy Zhanaqbaeva, Diana Suleimenqyzy Zhanaqbaeva, Gaukhar Azatovna Naizagarina, and Aidar Azatovich Naizagarin.