Siegfried Ruff

Siegfried Ruff

German doctor
Date of Birth: 19.02.1907
Country: Germany

  1. Biography of Siegfried Ruff
  2. Involvement with Luftwaffe
  3. Experiments at Dachau
  4. Acquittal and Later Career

Biography of Siegfried Ruff

Siegfried Ruff was a German doctor who was one of the accused in the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial. He was later acquitted of the charges against him. Ruff studied medicine at the universities of Bonn and Berlin. After completing his education, he worked at the University Hospital in Bonn.

Involvement with Luftwaffe

In 1934, Ruff became one of the leaders of the Institute of Aviation Medicine in Luftwaffe. In 1937, he joined the Nazi Party. He later stood as one of the main defendants in the Doctors' Trial. Ruff was accused of conducting experiments on human subjects at the Dachau concentration camp.

Experiments at Dachau

Under the direction of Luftwaffe, Ruff conducted experiments to study the situation when a pilot ejected from a plane shot down by the enemy and landed in freezing seawater. As part of the experiment conducted at the Dachau concentration camp, a chamber was installed to simulate freefall from a height of 21,000 meters. Out of 200 test subjects, 70-80 died. The study also involved examining the effects of hypothermia on the human body by immersing the subject's body in icy water. Ruff was jointly accused in this case alongside Weltz and Romberg.

Acquittal and Later Career

The court was unable to prove the involvement of Weltz, Ruff, and Romberg in these experiments, resulting in their acquittal. After being released, Ruff organized a diagnostic laboratory in Bonn. He later became one of the leading doctors in Lufthansa. From 1954 to 1965, he served as the head of the Research Institute of Aviation Medicine in Bonn. In 1952, Ruff became a professor at the University of Bonn.