Solange Magnano

Solange Magnano

Country: Argentina

Biography of Solange Maniano

38-year-old model Solange Maniano, who won the title of "Miss Argentina" in 1994, passed away due to complications from a plastic surgery. The tragic attempt of the former Miss Argentina, aged 38, to alter the appearance of her buttocks ended in a devastating outcome. The procedure, known as "gluteoplasty," in which the patient's own fat, obtained through liposuction from other parts of the body, is injected into the buttocks, did not go as planned. As reported by The Times, a day after the surgery, Maniano was urgently taken to the intensive care unit with a diagnosis of "pulmonary embolism" (blockage of the lung's blood vessels). According to Roberto Piazza, a close friend of Maniano and a fashion designer, it seems that the fat that was injected into the former beauty queen's buttocks entered her bloodstream and reached her lungs and brain, causing respiratory failure. The gluteoplasty took place on Thursday, and the next day, Maniano passed away in the hospital, as reported by Doctors were unable to help her. Another close acquaintance of the deceased stated that she decided to undergo plastic surgery because she considered it a simple routine procedure. "This woman had everything. And she died because she wanted to have more prominent buttocks," summarized Piazza.

Remaining Children and Increasing Plastic Surgery Procedures in Argentina

Solange Maniano left behind two 8-year-old twins. Meanwhile, the former head of the Buenos Aires Association of Plastic Surgeons, Juan Carlos Seiler, did not rule out the possibility that Maniano had used the services of an unqualified doctor. The number of plastic surgeries performed in Argentina increases every year. In 2008, the country had conducted 50,000 similar procedures, which is 60% more than five years ago. Argentina is particularly popular among those who seek relatively affordable yet quality assistance from plastic surgeons.