Stef Prescott

Stef Prescott

American and Filipino actress
Date of Birth: 29.03.1991
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Steph Prescott
  2. Early Life and Challenges in the Philippines
  3. Modeling and Career Breakthrough
  4. Post-'StarStruck' Career

Biography of Steph Prescott

Steph Marisa Kintos Prescott, known by her stage name Steph Prescott, was born on March 29, 1991, in Seattle, Washington, USA. She is an American and Filipino actress who gained fame as a contestant on the Philippine reality show 'StarStruck: The Next Level'.

Stef Prescott

Early Life and Challenges in the Philippines

In her early years, Steph was involved in various activities, including swimming, basketball, football, and softball. She was also a member of a dance sports team, a Girl Scout, and a choir member. Additionally, Steph had a passion for playing musical instruments and attended additional educational programs.

Stef Prescott

However, when her family moved to the Philippines, Steph faced a difficult period in her life. She did not know the Tagalog language, had no friends, and was unable to participate in sports activities. Despite facing mockery from classmates for looking different, Steph enrolled in a school in La Union, where she and her family worked hard to learn Tagalog.

Modeling and Career Breakthrough

With a love for glamour, Steph attempted to break into the modeling industry. She created video portfolios every week to showcase her talent, which helped her secure numerous projects. For a period of time, Steph was also a member of the girl group 'Angels' performing on the cable channel ABS-CBN. She appeared in advertisements for 'Skinwhite', 'Kit Kat Bar', 'Head & Shoulders', and did print work for 'McDonalds', 'Sara Lee', 'BCNY', 'CD Jeans', and 'Wrangler Jeans'.

A turning point in Steph's career came when her manager invited her to participate in the reality show 'StarStruck'. As a contestant, Steph made headlines for two main reasons. Firstly, she had a unique interpretation of competition within the show. Secondly, she rejected the first 'prince' of 'StarStruck', Rainier Castillo, when they were both invited as guests on the talk show 'SiS'.

Despite the controversies, Steph excelled in the competition and was chosen as the 'Best Actress' in the 'StarStruck' talent showcase. She also received praise from dance guru Douglas Nieras, who named her the best dancer among all the female contestants. Steph faced intense competition in the singing segment, particularly from Rich Asuncion.

Post-'StarStruck' Career

Steph had a good chance of winning 'StarStruck', but after the incident with Rainier Castillo on the talk show 'Sis', his fans launched an online campaign to boycott her. She was eliminated from 'StarStruck' on March 11, 2007, along with Paulo Avelino. Rumors circulated that Steph and Castillo started dating.

Following 'StarStruck', Steph made her first television appearance on the comedy show 'Boys Nxt Door', which targeted a young audience.