Suh Kyung-Bae

Suh Kyung-Bae

Billionaire, entrepreneur, head of a large company "Amorepacific Corp"
Country: South Korea

  1. Biography of So Gyeong Bae
  2. Family Legacy and Early Career
  3. Leadership at Amorepacific Corp.
  4. Amorepacific Corp. and Success
  5. Personal Life

Biography of So Gyeong Bae

So Gyeong Bae is a South Korean billionaire, entrepreneur, and the CEO of the major company "Amorepacific Corp." He was born in South Korea and is a qualified professional. He graduated from Cornell University and was awarded an honorary MBA degree.

Family Legacy and Early Career

So Gyeong Bae comes from a family with a rich heritage in the beauty industry. His grandmother was a skilled artisan who created various hair products. Over time, the family business grew, and his father took over as the head of the company in 1943. He led the enterprise for over five decades. Eventually, the organization transformed into the Amorepacific Corp., which is now considered one of the most global cosmetic companies in South Korea.

Leadership at Amorepacific Corp.

After completing his studies at Cornell University, So Gyeong Bae joined the family business and took charge of expanding the company's product distribution overseas. Today, their products are sold in eighty countries worldwide, including the United States, Japan, and China. So Gyeong Bae currently serves as the president, CEO, and a board member of Amorepacific Corp. Throughout his career, he has gained valuable experience and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to lead a modern business.

Amorepacific Corp. and Success

Amorepacific Corp. is a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics that meet international standards and the ever-growing demands of a vast customer base. So Gyeong Bae is regarded as a forward-thinking leader—educated, determined, and capable of leading the corporation to even greater achievements. Analysts consider him a perfect leader who consistently improves both himself and the company as a whole. His notable characteristic is his relentless pursuit of excellence through lawful transformations aimed at improving quality and increasing profitability.

Personal Life

So Gyeong Bae currently resides in Seoul and is married with two children. With a personal fortune of approximately $1.1 billion, as reported by Forbes, he is recognized as one of the most influential and affluent individuals in the world.