Tara Blaise

Tara Blaise

Irish singer
Date of Birth: 01.03.1975
Country: Ireland

  1. Biography of Tara Blaise
  2. Early Life
  3. Music Career
  4. Solo Career
  5. Later Career
  6. Theater Work

Biography of Tara Blaise

Early Life

Tara Blaise, an Irish singer, was born on March 1, 1975, in London as the sixth child of an architect and a drama teacher. At the age of three, her parents moved her to Ireland, settling in Ocrim, County Wicklow. Surrounded by the atmosphere of theater and music from an early age, Tara enrolled in the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin at the age of eight.

Music Career

At the age of 16, Tara formed a band called "Les Legumes" with her classmates. However, her debut on the big stage happened as a backing vocalist for the Dublin-based band "The Wilde Oscars." She then released several singles with the band "Igloo." Eventually, she accepted an invitation to join the band "Kade," who even went to re-record their new album to feature her vocals. The album received positive reviews but did not gain widespread popularity.

Solo Career

After deciding to pursue a solo career, Tara met John Hughes, the producer of the band "The Corrs" and the musical editor of Alan Parker's film "The Commitments." Hughes was recording his own instrumental album called "Wild Ocean" and was looking for a vocalist. Together, they recorded the songs "Dancing In the Wind," "Come Away," and "Deo." Tara also appeared in the music video for the latter song. Hughes offered Tara a recording contract under his label "Spooks" and sent her to Los Angeles to work with "The Corrs" producer Olle Romo. In 2005, her debut album "Dancing On Tables Barefoot" was released, with the first single "Fool for Love" receiving airplay on BBC Radio 2. Another popular track from the album in her native Ireland was "Paperback Cliché," which was only surpassed in popularity by U2. An altered version of the album was released in 2006 in Spain under DRO/Atlantic, a Warner Music Group subsidiary. In July of the same year, Tara, along with guitarists Anthony Drennan and Conor Brady, embarked on a tour of Spain, performing acoustic concerts in Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, and Barcelona.

Later Career

In 2007, Tara Blaise released her second single "Fall at the Start," followed by her second album "Great Escape" in 2008. In 2009, she submitted a song for consideration in the Irish selection for Eurovision 2009 but did not make it past the national competition. In January 2010, Tara married Davy MacManus.

Theater Work

In April 2006, Tara played the role of Beth in Jeff Wayne's musical adaptation of "The War of the Worlds" and continued to participate in various theatrical projects.