Thomas Finchum

Thomas Finchum

Diving athlete, Olympic participant 2008
Date of Birth: 01.12.1989
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Thomas Finchum
  2. Diving Career
  3. Injury and Training
  4. Partnership and Rivalry
  5. Interests

Biography of Thomas Finchum

Thomas Finchum, born on December 1, 1989, in Beech Grove, USA, is a professional American diver. He participated in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Before focusing on diving, Finchum dabbled in gymnastics, track and field, and swimming. However, it was his father, who holds the position of a school director and basketball coach, that had a significant influence on his sporting career. The entire Finchum family is involved in sports, with his brother Luke playing baseball for the University of Wisconsin and his sister Lindsey being a professional gymnast. Even his grandmother, Barbara Vitezid, was an exceptional diver in her time, just like her grandson Thomas.

Diving Career

In recent years, Finchum has noticeably grown taller, which has greatly impacted his performance. He has been able to execute more powerful jumps and rotations, although these changes required him to adjust his technique. In addition to platform diving, Finchum also participates in synchronized diving, with his partner being David Boudia. At the last world championships, the duo defeated a Chinese pair in the preliminary synchronized dives. This victory instilled a strong sense of self-worth and pride for their country. Despite the upcoming Olympic Games favoring the Chinese team, Finchum is confident that he and Boudia can rival their strength.

Injury and Training

Recently, Thomas Finchum suffered a minor injury when he accidentally cut his leg, resulting in 80 stitches. This setback caused him to miss several weeks of training. However, the wound has now healed and no longer bothers the athlete. Currently, he is actively preparing for the Olympic Games.

Partnership and Rivalry

Thomas Finchum and David Boudia not only have a strong partnership but also maintain a friendly relationship. Despite their close bond, they constantly compete with each other, trying not to concede. According to statistics, 2006 was Boudia's year, while Finchum had more victories in 2007.


Like any teenager, Thomas Finchum has hobbies and interests outside of diving. His favorite pastimes include listening to music and playing computer games.