Uncle Kracker

Uncle Kracker

Rap artist
Date of Birth: 09.11.1974
Country: USA

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Biography of Uncle Kracker

Matthew Shafer, known by his stage name Uncle Kracker, was born on November 9, 1974, in Mount Clemens, Michigan, USA. His father owned a small gas station where Matthew worked until he turned 21. From a young age, Matthew showed musical talent, encouraged by his father, although he began to develop his own musical style as a teenager, which differed from his father's preferences.

Uncle Kracker

In 1987, Matthew and his brother Mike participated in the "Dayton" music competition as DJs. It was during this competition that they met another aspiring DJ, Robert Ritchie, who would later become known as Kid Rock. After the competition, Shafer and Ritchie became best friends.

Uncle Kracker

Shafer discovered his passion for rap at the age of ten when he purchased the debut album of the group "Fat Boys." When he turned thirteen, Ritchie gave him the nickname "Kracker." Matthew Shafer began studying the history of rap, the styles of performance, and the lyrics of famous artists. He worked hard to improve his musical skills and taste.

In collaboration with Kid Rock, Matthew Shafer recorded several compositions. Kid Rock provided him with valuable information on rap performance, refined his taste, and taught him musical literacy. After releasing his debut album, Shafer added the prefix "Uncle" to his name and became Uncle Kracker.


In 1998, Uncle Kracker released his album "Devil Without a Cause" in collaboration with Kid Rock. The same year, Kracker married his high school friend Melanie Haas. In early 2000, he signed a contract with the record label "Lava/Atlantic Records" and released his debut solo album "Double Wide." He then embarked on a grand tour of the United States with fellow rappers Kid Rock, Twisted Brown, and Tucker.

Currently, Uncle Kracker is working with the legendary band Aerosmith. He specially recorded the release of the song "Stranger to Shame" for his performances with them. Uncle Kracker is now among the most popular rappers in the United States.