Vadim Kazachenko

Vadim Kazachenko

Date of Birth: 13.07.1963
Country: Russia

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  2. Early Life and Music
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Biography of Vadim Kazachenko

Vadim Gennadievich Kazachenko, an estrada singer, captivated the whole country with his songs in the "wild 90s". Fans inundated the charming singer with bags of letters. Kazachenko's hits were heard from every window and, as people joked back then, even from irons.

Vadim Kazachenko

Early Life and Music

Vadim Gennadievich Kazachenko was born in July 1963 in Poltava, Ukraine. He spent his childhood and youth in this colorful ancient city. It was here that Vadim began to dream of the big stage. He possessed excellent hearing and a beautiful voice. Whenever he sang, crowds of children and adults would gather around to listen to the young singer and applaud him. One day, Vadim Kazachenko seriously considered turning his favorite hobby into a lifelong career. He first organized a school VIA (vocal-instrumental ensemble), with which he started performing at discos and various festive events in his hometown of Poltava. Success inspired Kazachenko and indicated that he was on the right path.

Vadim Kazachenko

In 1985, Vadim Kazachenko entered the professional stage. He performed in several different philharmonic societies, including Kursk, Amur, and Barnaul. However, his success came after his collaboration with the group "Freestyle". Although their partnership lasted only from 1989 to 1991, it was highly productive. "Freestyle" and Vadim Kazachenko recorded four albums together, which included hit songs such as "Farewell forever, last love…", "Red-haired girl", "The Last Candle", "White Snowflake", "God Will Punish You", "It Hurts Me, It Hurts…" and others. In 1992, Vadim Kazachenko's career took a sharp turn as he began his solo career. Over the next seven years, he recorded three albums of his own songs and several compilations consisting of new and old hits. During this period, Kazachenko collaborated with famous composers such as Vladimir Matesky, Arkady Ukupnik, and Vyacheslav Malezhik. The lyrics of the songs he performed were written by Alexander Shaganov, Yulia Kadyshova, and Grigory Belkin. In the 90s, the artist's touring schedule was so busy that there was no time for a single day off for months. During these years, his fans heard his new hits, among which the most notable were "Yellow Night", "Cinderella", "Stranger", "Bless Me on a Long Journey", and "On a Flying Horse". Some of these songs even had music videos. Vadim also performed the popular song "On the White Bedspread of January", which was originally sung by the group "Sweet Dream". However, there came a period when the media seemed to forget about Vadim Kazachenko. His fans even thought that he had disappeared and put an end to his career. Rumors circulated about a serious illness and even the death of the singer. However, in 2005, Kazachenko reminded everyone of himself and returned to the stage. In 2007, his new album "Two Shores of One Destiny" was released, receiving high praise from the media and warm reviews from fans.

Vadim Kazachenko

Personal Life

Vadim Kazachenko married at a young age, when he turned 21. His wife was Marina from Poltava. They officially married after Marina found out she was pregnant. Their daughter Marianna was born during a difficult period in her parents' lives. Vadim had just begun his challenging career ascent. In the mid-1980s, Kazachenko went to conquer Moscow. His wife and daughter stayed in Poltava because at that time, the family did not have the means to rent an expensive apartment in Moscow.

Living in different cities didn't contribute to the strengthening of their family. The couple eventually separated. Vadim Kazachenko found a new love named Zhanna, and they tried to build a family for five years, but without success. Building a career, having a busy touring schedule, and dealing with crowds of fans did not go well with family life.

In April 2014, Vadim Kazachenko married Olga Martynova, a woman significantly younger than him. After the wedding, his wife took his last name and became Olga Kazachenko. In 2016, problems arose in their marriage.


Vadim Kazachenko met his new love interest, Irina Amanti, in America. Irina, a businesswoman of Russian descent and co-owner of "Russian Radio" in the United States, organized the singer's concerts in America. Initially, they were just colleagues and good friends. Irina was married at the time. But their friendship turned into a love affair that demanded complete devotion and the abandonment of their previous relationships.

In December 2016, Olga Kazachenko learned about the situation, which triggered a prolonged conflict between the spouses. Olga revealed that the main cause of the conflict was not Vadim's remarriage but the fact that he abandoned their newborn child. Olga also claims that Vadim threatened her.

In response, Vadim Kazachenko stated that he left his wife because of her constant drinking and also expressed doubts about his own paternity.

The scandal reached television. Vlad Kazachenko became a participant in the program "The Fate of a Man" with Boris Korchevnikov. The singer talked about his relationship with Irina Amanti and, at the end of the show, met with his second wife.

In October 2017, Vadim Kazachenko suffered a heart attack as a result of the ongoing legal scandal. Since then, the musician's health has become a concern for both fans and doctors. Experts suspect a scarring change in the lower wall of the left ventricle and an imminent severe heart attack.

This incident escalated the feud between the musician's wives even further. Irina Amanti blamed Olga Kazachenko for the health problems, claiming that it was Olga who initiated the scandal and legal proceedings. There were also rumors that the singer was paralyzed, but Vadim Kazachenko denied them.

In November, Olga Martynova, Irina Amanti, and Vadim Kazachenko appeared as guests on the TV show "Let Them Talk." While the two wives argued, Vadim's condition worsened, and he required medical assistance. After the show, Olga apologized to her followers on Instagram for her behavior during the broadcast.

In order to finally resolve the issue of the abandoned child, the artist agreed to a DNA test. Another DNA test confirmed that Vadim Kazachenko already had a daughter. A girl named Vlad came to the TV show "Let Them Talk" and claimed to be the singer's illegitimate daughter. According to the girl, Vlad had known from childhood who her father was, but only decided to speak up after her mother's death. Olga Kazachenko helped Vlad with the DNA test.

In the summer of 2018, Kazachenko and Olga officially divorced. According to Vadim, his ex-wife is trying to ruin him and prevent him from working. However, he released the song "Eye to Eye" in the fall.


  • 1989 - "Get It!"
  • 1989 - "Get It! Part 2"
  • 1990 - "Get It! Part 3"
  • 1991 - "Get It! Part 4"
  • 1993 - "Start Over"
  • 1995 - "Bless"
  • 1996 - "The Journey"
  • 1996 - "Farewell Forever..."
  • 1999 - "Night Rains"
  • 2007 - "Two Shores of One Destiny"
  • 2011 - "...And It Doesn't Hurt Me!"