Vicente Amigo

Vicente Amigo

Flamenco guitarist, Grammy Award winner.
Date of Birth: 25.03.1967
Country: Spain

Biography of Vicente Amigo

Vicente Amigo, a flamenco guitarist and Grammy award winner, was born in the municipality of Guadalcanal and raised in Cordoba. From a young age, he had a passion for music and in 1988, he began his solo career. He quickly became a finalist in several music festivals, showcasing his exceptional talent.

In 1991, Vicente released his debut album, "De Mi Corazón al Aire", which received critical acclaim. However, it was his album "Ciudad de las ideas" that brought him international recognition. In 2001, he won a Grammy award for the album in the category of "Best Flamenco Album".

Vicente Amigo's music goes beyond traditional flamenco, although he still incorporates Spanish guitar and classical flamenco in his modern interpretations. He was influenced by his early collaborations with Manolo Sanlúcar and El Pele, which deepened his understanding of the interplay between guitar and vocals.

Over the years, Vicente Amigo has toured extensively, performing at prestigious festivals worldwide and carving out a place among the best in his generation. Some have even compared him to the legendary Paco de Lucía. He has won several important flamenco guitar awards, including La Unión (1988), Extremadura (1988), and Cordoba (1989).

Vicente Amigo's unique style and virtuosity have captivated audiences around the world, making him one of the most respected flamenco guitarists of his time. His music is a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication to the art form.