Vsevolod Boldin

Vsevolod Boldin

Russian theater and film actor.
Date of Birth: 09.06.1978
Country: Russia

Biography of Vsevolod Boldin

Vsevolod Boldin is a Russian theater and film actor. He was born on June 9, 1978, in Moscow. During his school years, Vsevolod was involved in music and martial arts. His parents enrolled him in a music school to study piano and vocals, hoping he would follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, Professor Leonid Ivanovich Boldin, a renowned musician. However, after eight years of studying music, Vsevolod grew tired of it and became more interested in karate. In the late 80s, he was inspired to become an actor after watching Western action movies in the newly emerged video salons in the Soviet Union.

Vsevolod Boldin

After leaving the music school, Vsevolod attended the Moscow International Film School, where he studied for three years. He then enrolled in the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) and graduated in 2000. During his time at GITIS, Vsevolod began working in theater and even had a small role in an American film called "Cast Away" alongside Tom Hanks.

After completing his studies, Vsevolod joined the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army and later became a member of the troupe at the Moscow Drama Theater named after M.N. Ermolova. Some of his notable performances on this stage include Sebastian in "Strange Book of Love," John in "Moon Waters," Alistair in "We Are Not Alone, Darling," Ricardo in "Slave of His Beloved," Gustav in "Thieves' Ball," and Rocco in "Saturday, Sunday, Monday."

In addition to his theater work, Vsevolod has participated in various projects such as "Twelfth Night" by the International Confederation of Theater Unions, "Romeo and Juliet" by the Producer Center "Novy Globus," and "Dark Story" by the "Theater Marathon" project.

On the screen, Vsevolod has mainly appeared in minor roles. However, he did have the lead role of Benya Krik in the documentary film "Benya Krik. He is also Misha Yaponchik," which was part of the "Great Adventurers of Russia" series in 2004.

One of the breakthrough moments in Vsevolod's career came in 2008 when he was cast in the 32-episode melodrama series "Ermolova" directed by Sergey Vinogradov. He portrayed the character Matvey, the youngest of the Ermolov family. The role received positive reviews, and even the author of the novel and screenplay, Anna Berseneva, expressed her admiration for Vsevolod's performance.

Following the success of "Ermolova," Vsevolod worked with Sergey Vinogradov again in the melodramatic series "Lights of the Big City." He played the role of Vadim, a photographer and seducer, which allowed him to showcase his versatility as an actor.

Vsevolod has also appeared in several long-running series on the popular TV channel STS, such as "Margo" and "Toys." He acknowledges the challenges of working on such projects but remains dedicated to portraying his characters with integrity and professionalism.

In 2011, Vsevolod starred in the series "Mistress of My Fate" and the detective series "You Ordered a Murder." He also had a role in the series "Amanda O." that same year.

Throughout his career, Vsevolod Boldin has demonstrated his passion for acting and his desire to explore new roles and challenges. He continues to captivate audiences with his positive charisma and natural talent on stage and screen.