William Salice

William Salice

Italian inventor and businessman
Country: Italy

  1. Biography of William Salice
  2. The Invention of Kinder Surprise
  3. Contributions to Ferrero SpA
  4. Post-Retirement and Legacy
  5. Passing

Biography of William Salice

William Salice was an Italian inventor and businessman, best known as one of the key figures at Ferrero SpA, where he is credited with inventing the 'Kinder Surprise' (or 'Kinder Egg') - a chocolate egg with a hidden toy inside. Salice was born on July 18, 1933, in Casei Gerola, Lombardy, Italy. He began working at Ferrero SpA in 1960 and eventually became a close collaborator of the company's owner, Michele Ferrero.

William Salice

The Invention of Kinder Surprise

The concept of 'Kinder Surprise' was proposed by Salice in the late 1960s. He explored alternative uses for molds to create chocolate Easter eggs that were not being utilized for most of the year. By giving children the opportunity to 'celebrate Easter all year round,' Salice claimed that the true inventor of Kinder Egg was Ferrero SpA, while he was merely the 'material executor.' The launch of the new product took place in 1974. The interactive element of the toy was well-received by children, who often sought help from their parents to open or assemble the hidden toy inside the chocolate egg, which typically consisted of multiple parts.

William Salice

Contributions to Ferrero SpA

William Salice was also involved in the creation of several other products for Ferrero SpA, including the round chocolate candies 'Ferrero Rocher' and 'Pocket Coffee,' which for many years were extremely difficult to purchase outside of Europe.

William Salice

Post-Retirement and Legacy

After retiring in 2007, Salice, with the support of Italian entrepreneur Enrico Gasperini, founded the 'Color Your Life' foundation. The foundation provides free educational courses for aspiring young entrepreneurs.


William Salice passed away on December 29, 2016, in Pavia, at the age of 83, following a stroke.