Yasuhiro Fukushima

Yasuhiro Fukushima

Businessman, one of the founders of the Enix company
Date of Birth: 18.08.1947
Country: Japan

  1. Biography of Yasuhiro Fukushima
  2. Founding Enix Corporation
  3. Square Enix Co. and Popular Games

Biography of Yasuhiro Fukushima

Yasuhiro Fukushima, born on August 18, 1947, in Japan, is a prominent businessman and developer. He is one of the founders of Enix Corporation, a leading software manufacturer in Japan. Fukushima received his higher education at Nihon University and is currently married, residing in his residence in Tokyo.

Founding Enix Corporation

Yasuhiro Fukushima gained prominence in the Japanese business circles starting from the late 1970s. In September 1975, he founded the company "Founded Eidansha Boshu Service Center" and assumed the role of president and representative director. In August 1982, the company was renamed "Enix Corporation." From this point on, Enix rapidly captured the computer game market, developing astonishing projects with incredible plots and the implementation of complex computer technologies. One of the company's most popular games at the time was the puzzle "Door Door," created by engineer Koichi Nakamura. Later, this game was adapted for Nintendo consoles, and Koichi Nakamura became a leading software developer in the company.

Square Enix Co. and Popular Games

Over the next few years, Enix Corporation released several computer games. In April 1989, Enix Corporation, Konika Enix, and Enix Products were merged into a single organization named "Eidansha Boshu Service Center," later renamed "Square Enix Co." In this company, Yasuhiro Fukushima assumed the position of president and acting director.

In October 2000, Yasuhiro Fukushima became the Chairman of the Board, President, and Acting Director of Square Enix Co. In June 2004, he was appointed as the Honorary Chairman of the company. To this day, Fukushima holds the position of Honorary Chairman and is one of the key figures in Square Enix Co.

In 2005, Square Enix Co. released one of its most popular games, "Dragon Warrior." The most popular games throughout the company's history include "Soul Blazer," "Illusion of Gaia," "Terranigma," "Quintet," "Star Ocean," "Fullmetal Alchemist," "Dragon Quest VII." The company's computer geniuses also developed the immensely popular animated film "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within."