Zinoviy Mytnik

Zinoviy Mytnik

Minister of Health of Ukraine.
Country: Ukraine

  1. Biography of Zinoviy Mytnik
  2. Vaccinations and Public Health
  3. Antivaccination Movement
  4. Healthcare Reforms
  5. Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion
  6. Medicine Availability and Affordability
  7. Allegations and Response

Biography of Zinoviy Mytnik

Zinoviy Mytnik is a prominent figure in the field of healthcare in Ukraine, serving as the Minister of Health. With extensive knowledge and experience in the medical field, he has been actively involved in addressing various health issues affecting the country.

Vaccinations and Public Health

One of the key topics that Zinoviy Mytnik has spoken about is vaccinations and their importance in public health. Despite the unfortunate incident of a 7-month-old girl from Donetsk passing away after receiving a vaccination, Mytnik emphasized that there was no causal link between the vaccine and the girl's death. He emphasized that vaccinations are crucial in preventing epidemics and that the current vaccine used in Ukraine is of high quality.

Antivaccination Movement

Mytnik also expressed concerns about the growing antivaccination movement in Ukraine. While he acknowledged that it is not within the Ministry's power to forcefully vaccinate children, he warned about the potential consequences of such a movement, including the risk of epidemics. He highlighted the success of vaccines in eradicating diseases like smallpox and emphasized the importance of vaccination in preventing diseases like polio.

Healthcare Reforms

In discussing the state of healthcare in Ukraine, Mytnik acknowledged that primary healthcare services, such as ambulatory care and maternity centers, have weakened over the years due to a focus on specialized medical care. He recognized the need to improve access to basic healthcare services, especially in rural areas, and mentioned projects aimed at reforming the healthcare system.

Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion

Mytnik recognized the decline in public health in Ukraine, particularly due to an unhealthy lifestyle, including excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition. To address these issues, he proposed the implementation of comprehensive health screenings to detect and prevent diseases early on. While he acknowledged the challenges of encouraging people to prioritize their health, he emphasized the importance of preventive care.

Medicine Availability and Affordability

Mytnik acknowledged the financial burden faced by patients in Ukraine, who often have to pay for medications and treatments. He mentioned an experiment in three regions where medications purchased using budget funds were marked as "Not for sale" to prevent their unauthorized distribution. He also expressed the need for the introduction of health insurance to ensure more accessible and affordable healthcare for all.

Allegations and Response

Recently, Zinoviy Mytnik faced allegations of facilitating the purchase of imported vaccines through intermediaries and selling them at inflated prices during his tenure as the head of tender procurement at the Ministry of Health. In response, he denied being the head of the tender committee and stated that auditors raised no concerns about the Ministry's procurement practices. He argued that he had the authority to sign certain contracts but was not directly responsible for the overall procurement process.